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Aug 2014
I have this drug that I'm on all the time.
An addiction so lethal but I feel just fine.
It's long and drawn out I know the signs.
Couldn't stop if I wanted to so I don't even try.

Doesn't matter if I'm alone or with friends.
When I inhale my thoughts seem to transcend.
All that is broken inside seems to mend.
A sigh and smile a day closer to the end.

When I feel low I walk out the back door.
Take a moment to adjust myself before I take any more.
I inhale with happiness that reaches my core.
How is everyone not on this live so sore?

My friends look at me oddly though they have vices too.
The kryptonite I take only slowly kills you.
They ask if I'm okay and offer me things that are new.
I always decline for there is only one thing I do.

Oxygen is it's name.
I breathe it every dayΒ Β just the same.
I smile and laugh and enjoy life's love and pain.
If I breathe and smile a good day has been obtained.
We don't need anything to be happy.Β Β It's all in your mind.
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