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Aug 2014
Kindness is strength
Not a weakness
Nothing to exploit
I, elemental, fickle, devine

Make with mine
You'll be pressed
To find sanctuary
No peace, confined

Drive you mad
My hands deep in your chest
Fingers dig, pressure
Claw and rip

Tear out your heart
Eat it and dine
Strangle you
With your veins

Bleed you
Drink, delish
Leave you
Empty and dry

Flay off your skin
Maybe wear it for a time
Scalp your head
A torch in your mind

Slowly I'll play
Covered in blood
Oh, it's not mine
Helpless, he's mine

Carve up your toes
Cut fingers and sack
Feed you your *****
Burn out your eyes

Better you be
Should you stray
I'll be there waiting
Smiling, out back
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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