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Aug 2014
It's cold here,
Dark, broken space
I need to be
I always wanted to be

Fear, and excitement
Drains my veins
But I have the chance
To warm myself
Heal my broken heart
Not just a band aid on my soul
A brand new start, to shine

But it's so cold
A bleak, desolate land
Where even fires
Burn cold, twisting without light
And fear always preying on the edges

I should take the chance
Take the hand that heals
Place trust where there was none before
Bring light, blending souls
Is it a shining thing?
Something brighter than before?
Or will I sabotage it and fail?

I don't know the future
Cold, dry water caressing my flesh
The skeleton's hard hand
It's scary, frigid bone deep fear
I'll be crushed again

Then there is the sail
A blooming flower's desperate cry
Do I deserve this apart of hope
A possible chase,
only to find myself seconded once more?
The ship none but washed ashore?
Deserted in the cold?

Greys and shining white
Do I reach for the light?
Allow darkness to fall from my soul
Scour it clear, replace old with new
Find my self, a freedom bold
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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