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Jul 2014
Always so close
Words, I trifle
Fury, thy rise
Cut off my sense
My hands tingle
Rage in my head
Darkness, thine

Murmured words
Nothing to lose
Tongues slash
Clothes torn
His lips on mine

Want this release
I **** him just fine
Gouge his shoulders
My teeth taste skin
Legs lock his intwist
Driving my hips
Then biting his lips

Only my anger, desperate
And not me, I take his head
So different, I am
This is not me
Lust, passion
Hard, swift
Come, I twist

His face in shock
Grip, hugging him hard
He wanted this desire
I draw blood, my fire
It comes, it comes

Hatred it brings
Shame, for me
This base
Maybe love
I shake

Why can't I be like this?
Returning no lies
Just passion
I erupt again

Sweat and blood, fluids galore
Hard between thighs
Like a thief, I take
Here I am true
Here I awake
Pin, and ****
Deepest in fire

He holds but I fight
Dig in my nails
Pound him and break
Another fierce lie
Physical, unkind

Who is this?
My body, screams
My mind, in shame
Too good, not for me
Retreat, draw away
My body betrays

He takes me now
Whisper for more
His fingers play tunes
My neck, my ***
Open my thighs
**** me some more
Harder, please

My mind retreats more
What I want, again just need
He pulls me hard, deep
Almost mean
Love, not mean

Close he comes
Callapsing skin to me
He wants to take me close
I want such more
Not sainted now
Not saited; more!
Give me more!

I say no words, my mind itself
Deposit his seed
I would ask for more
But too shy, polite for need
Why doesn't he know?

I say no words, no gentle touch
He doesn't know hints
Silence, tormented friend
Why can't I speak?
Why can't I take?
Why like this?
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
     Creep, Jeremy Bean, ---, --- and Mariana Nolasco
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