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Jun 2014
My words dissolve on my fingertips
My poetry runs across my palms
Onto your hands held in my grip
Then flows up to the slender skin of your arms

And shivers and dances in a way
I could not have imagined before today
Although this vision I have seen so often
In day dreams and ill timed thoughts
Of this time which cannot be forgotten
Even after my ashes are left to rot

All my dreams seem to lack the lustre
Against the freshness of your eyes
Where my verses are hot and flustered
And fly blushing through the afternoon skies

And replay how I held your hand
And think of how it stopped our time
How we halted the hourglass sand
When you with love held onto mine

I left my poetry dancing on you
When the sun was setting all too quick
Let us meet and be together soon
And make our time unflowing thick.
Written by
Harkaran  Hindustan
   Himanshi, Anand and Emilie
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