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Emilie Sep 2021
I watch for two heads to appear
Along the horizon
And as they dip and weave
I watch
A cast net bound for the foamy mouth beyond
Returns again full of silver life
Flopping and twisting
Unable to sever this life from theirs
Two heads appear again
On the horizon
They catch the wave inward
Before it tosses them
And they become legs and arms
And then again resurfacing against
The melting point of the ocean on the sky
A rod bends down with the weight of the fight
He runs to reel it in
A drum no bigger than a giants thumb
A cast net in
A rod reeled out
Two heads appear on the horizon
Emilie Sep 2021
and if love is of the stars,
is it as far away and fleeting
as the cosmos want to be?
Emilie Aug 2021
When the dust has all but settled
And your age is earned and mettled
Look back at edges frayed
Oh, what a mess we've made

Reverence in youth, and wisdom in learning
Collecting on debts you should've been earning
Can you admit that you should have stayed?
Oh, my love, what a mess we've made

The hands in the clock inch slow from the center
Time is not mine, I am just a renter
And I seek the hours still, unafraid
My sweet darling, what a mess we've made
Emilie Aug 2021
Parasites made me cut my tree
Sever the trunk that made it whole
And they gnawed and ate and made holes in the branches
The cycles began again
Sap poured into the grass
Where I once buried a note
A dead bird
There were so many things living at its roots
So many things that made it grow,
And one thing that killed it  
I cut away the dead and the living ceased still

I can't undo that which I've done
But I thought I was stronger than the pain caused by someone I loved.
The earth owes me nothing for my misery,
But days like this I wish it would
Emilie Jun 2021
A length of rope stretched to a monster at sea
A bargain below but not for me
A wave of warning had come without
You trim the the sails, amend your route
You howl as though a Capitan hapless at sea
Who we'll hold captive between you and me
You cry "the mast, the top sail, the bow"
Words you'd picked up just for now
You tell me the waves, they crash and they're loud
I found us an out, a way and a how
You'd follow me down, if you weren't too proud.
The ship is is splitting, and leaking, and filling
And the sea is churning and turning and swilling
I told you to follow, but did not look back
My rope sunk down, as though a weight it lacked
Into mist and nothing,
Into abyss and shore

You drown in knowing to quench your thirst
Women rarely ever go first
  Jan 2021 Emilie
Mike Adam

Pin on some sweaty wall


Dowager stick-
Young man-
Bring me salmon.

The peaceful scream-yet
Head tilted back-eyes-mouth-open

Asleep asleep asleep

Goodbye beauty
Fur and diamond
And gone
Emilie Jan 2021
Today I was idle
for help screamed my name,
and I closed my eyes to shield my ears and
I was unmoved.
Should tables have turned
and stillness wrote my end
I would deserve no crypt
or stone inscript'd
To help my idle friend
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