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  Jan 30 Emilie
Mike Adam

Pin on some sweaty wall


Dowager stick-
Young man-
Bring me salmon.

The peaceful scream-yet
Head tilted back-eyes-mouth-open

Asleep asleep asleep

Goodbye beauty
Fur and diamond
And gone
Emilie Jan 30
Today I was idle
for help screamed my name,
and I closed my eyes to shield my ears and
I was unmoved.
Should tables have turned
and stillness wrote my end
I would deserve no crypt
or stone inscript'd
To help my idle friend
  Jan 30 Emilie
Qualyxian Quest
I been 'buked and scorned
I been disrespected

No stranger now to solitude
No stranger to rejected

Took the train from Tokyo
Saw Kyoto rain

Never been to heaven
Never been to Spain

O life! protect my children
Safety in the night

A little wonder story
A little morning light

         Fair flight.
  Dec 2020 Emilie
In the morning
When the air is still
I let my thoughts wander  
Where they will.
  Dec 2020 Emilie
M♥️ther Earth
had a tangible spirit
without the circle
where will our heart sit
we even begin to remember
Emilie Dec 2020
for the wrong end of your sword
and hurt yourself for trying to strike
Emilie Dec 2020
Tell me there's more than the void
More than being flung to the desolate when our hours are used up
I'd rather the balmy
Pits and fires
And cartoon shapes that bear the devils name
For that's all I know of hell
If it's him against the blackness
I'd spare myself that dark

Tell me, plead with me
Fabricate a truth
Feed me a lie and sell it as proof
Desperation believes what'll ease it
Make for me a brighter end, do not send me there
Give me a choice between dark and despair
Existence is worth it,
  even if only just

My mind may not follow me into the empty
All's the worse for it's here with me now
Whispering, singing, telling me softly
That everything floats like a wreckage to sand
a beginning is found as it's reached a new end
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