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Harkaran Jun 2014
Maybe someday you'll long like me
And then you will understand my poetry
When all your heart is bleeding out
And then has nothing to weep about

The empty chambers will scream the loudest
The heart which once sang the proudest
Looted and plundered and left with nothing
Nothing but words left for the shutting

In emptiness and longing there is fulfillment
Infinite motion in the abysmal stillness
I've seen men become walking corpses
Seen men jump willfully into losses

And seen men become bankrupt and spent
Watched them distorted, decayed and bent
All this naught for love yes only love
Making hearts bleed for fruits unplucked

Everyone will someday long like me
And then they will understand my poetry
They will hear the noises still unheard
Their hearts will bleed the unspoken words
Harkaran Jun 2014
My words dissolve on my fingertips
My poetry runs across my palms
Onto your hands held in my grip
Then flows up to the slender skin of your arms

And shivers and dances in a way
I could not have imagined before today
Although this vision I have seen so often
In day dreams and ill timed thoughts
Of this time which cannot be forgotten
Even after my ashes are left to rot

All my dreams seem to lack the lustre
Against the freshness of your eyes
Where my verses are hot and flustered
And fly blushing through the afternoon skies

And replay how I held your hand
And think of how it stopped our time
How we halted the hourglass sand
When you with love held onto mine

I left my poetry dancing on you
When the sun was setting all too quick
Let us meet and be together soon
And make our time unflowing thick.
Harkaran May 2014
Pull the strings of my heart
And play the song of your eyes
Cradled in my languid arms
These seconds over a lifetime

Better have a little poison today
Than carrying it in your veins
Letting it cause wear and fray

Pluck the chords of my heart
And play the tune of yours too
Now we know each other's parts
We reflect like the sky in ocean blue

Let the silent song fill my lungs
And make me breathe pure
Make me breathe like never before
Harkaran May 2014
Out of darkness a stiff rule of compassion
The colours suggest that black is perfection
The more you try to remember faces tonight
They slip and fall into the pit of your eyes

Shields and walls are weapons in this world
Trembling hands upon the bloodied hilt
Shivering arms gripping the bolt action rifles
Shaking fingers on triggers wet with sweat

Progress needs the sacrifice of the innocent
This fire needs the fuel of the undeserving
The flood needs the tears of the blameless
Tonight everything we ever won is burning

Wings without feathers over towers of steel
And flowers without petals under metal feet
Now we stand weak at the forest gate
Planning to light up the woods in a blaze

The sins of our past might get burned away
And the tired eyes will finally get rest today
But we forgot that in these vengeful embers
Hearts heavy with guilt only ooze and fester

Run from the smell of the charred bodies
The stench is fingers pointing to blame
Crafted like the war flower made by God
With petals of beauty and thorns of shame
Harkaran May 2014
Well now the sky might be sad
We cherish even the fights we have
The droplets are fretful tears of pain
Torn out with an excuse of rain

Outside the road is not wet
But in my heart it is raining
And all the love we have kept
Now like always; won't be failing

The sun is not creeping out yet
And the birds are not singing
Tell me darling have you slept?
Or is even your heart ringing?

Sing to me about your heartache
In a voice with a trembling shake
I know because even I lie awake
I know because even I lie in wait

And lover when the rains go away
Sit and count the falling stars
With me in the cold today
Bathed in the warmth of your heart
When you are tired but cannot sleep
With secrets that your heart cannot keep
Then spill some ink and and botch the page
For a poet the honest paper is the stage
Harkaran May 2014
I am that faint dream you had
The spark of the unlit match
Long ago on a summer afternoon
The scent that leaves too soon

Like the faded dancing flame
Of the early morning light
In frevour and fury untamed
I die with the departing night

The flash flood in the spring river
Needing only a moment to deliver
Lasting pain and unending harm
I leave quick but take the calm

I am the thunder that struck
And burned everything to dust
In an instant I come and go
You know I am fatal though
Harkaran May 2014
Over there a young boy falls
And over here a woman weeps
When bugle and clarion call
Not mothers, but army keeps
Children of the country then
In unsullied discipline when
Bugle and clarion cry for war
So father, son and brother fall
The awaiting woman's despair
Smell death and cordite in air
Fall flailing to the sister's woe
Fall weak with strong sorrow
To the old wife's fresh sadness
Fight, hero and fall with madness
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