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Jun 2014
Let me begin this with an apology.
An apology for the way I have been acting lately.
I do not know how I've let myself become so selfish,
But you must understand, I'm working on myself,
I just need time to find the me I know I can be.

I've had a re-occurring thought of coming back home, lately.
Just for a week or two,
but every time I try it
Within a hour I'm getting ******* at for words I didn't say
It crumbles my heart

Now don't you forget, I will always remember
You have been there since the very first day
Through the best and the worst,
it has been us against every home we've lived in.
Regardless of the fact that we've been growing apart
I don't want to lose you,
but I just can't find the time to start our YouTube channel.

I'm not blind to the fact, I may lose bits and pieces
of our own personal connection
as we mature,
But you will always be a part of me.

I know I haven't been acting the way some of these words display,
I lost sight of my past, I strayed from our path of fondness, but if you're willing to give it a try,
It's something I'd like to get back.

You are always on my mind,
deep down I know my heart is always crying
Therefore, I hope you might accept my sincerest apology.

And if that is something you are unable to do,
I will understand.
I'm truly sorry.
This is my apology.
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