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Jun 2014
Just because you want to feel a tingle in your flesh
You allow him to **** your *******
Pushing and pulling, grunting as he goes
Leaving love bites on your neck
And a fertilized egg in your womb
But you dont know that yet
Youre just having a good time
Thinking youre old enough to grind
On a man thrice your age
Even though you and his youngest son are at the same stage
You think youre grown
A woman in all her glory
But trust me hunny youre gona be sorry
When you realize your menstrual wont come
A few days after your lover came
You are going to regret your mistake
But that was the chance you decided to take
No one but you are responsible for your actions
Because all you cared about was ****** satisfaction
And for that embryo inside of you?
Thats another story
He's another person you will have to tell sorry
But youre grown right?
Im sure youll know what to do
From food to clothes to diapers and all
Im sure a grown woman as yourself has got it under control
The result of having ***, especially at an early age
Hidden Secrets
Written by
Hidden Secrets  F/No where
(F/No where)   
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