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Jun 2014
Do you remember asking yourself

“Why don’t they know me?”

Because you thought it was obvious

But you were too good at hiding.

People only see what they know,

And they don’t know you

So what do they see?

So what do you see?

Popular peers drifting away

Like helium balloons without anchors

While your heavy heart keeps you grounded

In this fragile, paper town.

You’re just like a spider

Trapped in between the glass and the screen

With nowhere to hide

But inside its own mind.

And human eyes just sit and stare

As the spider spins its web

Like a poet writes his lonely lines.

So what do you see?

Fractured eyes under halogen lights

Gazes dropped from the highest places,

From the fingertips they thought they could trust.

And sundered souls learned their lessons

When electric wires sliced their veins

Bleeding bright currents until nothing was left.

Until they were so light that they drifted away

Like helium balloons without anchors
written in 2012
Written by
kas  24/F/Nebraska
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