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Jun 2014
Do you want me on the table, my love?

Or shall we have it on the bear skin rug where it’s warm?

Either way, you can hear my hips beckoning to you.

Oh how they crave your bodice around mine, like wrapping paper around a gift. That’s right, you’re my gift after a day of listening to nonsensical chatter.

Do you feel me trembling baby?

That’s right, I’m excited. I am going to make you feel so, so exhilarated, that perhaps you wouldn’t be able to walk after that.

You may not even want to wake up without me by your side.

That’s how I go, and you know you crave me.

Let your lips get to know mine first, let them mingle and explore the depth of each other, while our hands traverse the canvas we have before us.

Our legs won’t be able to resist tangling themselves, and once we untangle them, the fun begins.

Fill the hollow between my legs, and take me to a heaven I’ve never known.

Make me scream your name to the skies and you shall scream mine.

Don’t whisper; I like it rough, where pulling and perhaps recreational scolding is involved.

Tame me with a whip, or a riding crop, whichever you prefer.

I won’t bite, unless you want me to.

Just remember that the next morning will be as enjoyable as the night before.

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addy r
Written by
addy r  SC
   Cloudy Heart and Nathan Wells
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