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May 2014
In all honesty
I am not sure
What would form
My perfect society

If I were to say that everyone
Would get along
It'd be too cliche
Too stupid and mindless
Lacking elegance

I do believe it'd be nice
If everyone got along
That isn't my issue
It's just that it is unimaginable
The very idea that each and every
Single loony, *****, smart-*** person
Can get along is so disgustingly absurd
That it makes me want to throw up on the person that says

"Can't we all just get along?"

No!  No we can't you idiot
We can't get along because that is not how the world works

I'm not going to baby you with some philosophical ******* as to why
But I'll put it straight
We don't have it together
Us as humans don't have it together
We will never get along
Never be in peace
Unless we get it together

We humans will never get it together
It is impossible because failure
Is in our nature
Does that mean that we should give up?
No but perhaps learning that us humans
Can't do it alone is something that we can learn

The idea of my perfect society
Is nonexistent in practical terms
It is a mere wish of what any other
Good person would want the world to be
It is unattainable though without a miracle
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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