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May 2014
Out of darkness a stiff rule of compassion
The colours suggest that black is perfection
The more you try to remember faces tonight
They slip and fall into the pit of your eyes

Shields and walls are weapons in this world
Trembling hands upon the bloodied hilt
Shivering arms gripping the bolt action rifles
Shaking fingers on triggers wet with sweat

Progress needs the sacrifice of the innocent
This fire needs the fuel of the undeserving
The flood needs the tears of the blameless
Tonight everything we ever won is burning

Wings without feathers over towers of steel
And flowers without petals under metal feet
Now we stand weak at the forest gate
Planning to light up the woods in a blaze

The sins of our past might get burned away
And the tired eyes will finally get rest today
But we forgot that in these vengeful embers
Hearts heavy with guilt only ooze and fester

Run from the smell of the charred bodies
The stench is fingers pointing to blame
Crafted like the war flower made by God
With petals of beauty and thorns of shame
Written by
Harkaran  Hindustan
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