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May 2014
the rain drops never made it
to the ground
for you caught them
with your palms held upward
and your mouth open wide
just in time
before they turn into

the petals of your favorite daisy
never reached the soil
for you kept them in between
the pages of your books
until there, they withered

the balloon you bought
remained in between your hands
as you adored its color
and the way the sun gave it
a different shade
and your eyes followed it enrapturedly
all the way up in the air
as you let it go

the smoke you blew from
your perfectly pursed lips
remained aloft
as you finished
one stick
one pack
two lungs

the heart i once had
stayed wondering why
it was the only one
that fell all the way down
while everything else
you held
stayed up and far
from the ground
where my heart
found no refuge
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