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Apr 2014
I met someone like you
In a sense that he possessed the same
Spirit as you,
With old passion that boils for the written word
See, he had the fire you had
The kind that enflames the heart,
Engulfs every part of the body,
The bright yellow that means destruction for those who dare to
Envision what lies behind the concrete walls

But he, better.
With a soul that lusted for the truth in things, only to find the truth couldn't be found in things we saw but in what we felt
But you wanted to see what could only be felt

I did meet someone like you,
Only he had a tenderness your hands couldn't have ever known,
Your heart wouldn't have bothered to attempt to give, or attempt to accept
Your mind wouldn't have fathomed-it goes against your illogical logic
(Narcissists aren't emotional when it doesn't concern them)
And your eyes couldn't see though wide open, because your heart is closed

He looked at me like the astronomers had conspired with the stars for me to find him,
For him to find me
And they aligned perfectly
As if the ancestors had boiled our blood in a clay *** to forge an unbreakable bond,
And like the 10 rules of life, written on stone and sealed with the love of Him

I guess what I'm saying is,
I met someone better than you
On second thoughts, you don't compare. It's unfair to you
purple orchid
Written by
purple orchid  South Africa
(South Africa)   
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