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Apr 2014
My happiness is like the sun
Making it throughout the day
It's an internal clock, a circadian rhythm
The sun rises, and I have to act like it's okay
As the day goes on, it becomes easier
And at my peak, I'll illuminate the sky
Celestial and vibrant, I'll burn bright
But It's not good enough no matter what I try
And then I'll start sinking
As day turns to night
And coldness will sink into every crevice and hole
Watch the horizon as the world slips into twilight
Cause I'm the most beautiful when I leave
And no one will see any of my wounds
Just as no one can see
The dark side of the moon
And dear Luna will steal my glow
And keep the night owls company
Because my life is dark
And I don't want anyone to see
But then even the moon will fall
And my time will come again
I'll rise and shine, act perfectly fine
And like the sun, this pattern will never end
The title is a reference to Numb by Marina and The Diamond because it fit and I always turn to Marina when I'm lost.
Theia Gwen
Written by
Theia Gwen  New York
(New York)   
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