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Feb 2014
You asked me if I ever
Any of the lame,
Crazy stuff that we did

I looked at me
I looked at you
Peering behind
Your concrete walls
And told you

That I
Am not one for regrets,
Don't dwell
On the shattered remains of

What could have been
What should have been
What would have been

That I
Meant every word I said
Meant every word silence uttered
Loved you before my words
Ever ignited a spark in
Your ice cold heart

That you,
Were worth it,
Worth it all

That we,
Were draped with gasoline
We burned like veldfires
Turning everything we
Touched to ash
That they had to call
The fire department

The kiss that haunts me
Day and night
The urge to embrace you
Every minute of the hour
The crave for your fiery skin
That burns my fingertips
Each time I caress you
That the hole you left
The scars that are written
On my heart
And each tear I shed
Doesn't compound to regret

You were worth it,
Worth it all
And I lied
I never should have said 'Hello'
Never should have
Let my eyes turn back
Never should have
Let you come back
I should have rejected you
Should have never loved you
I hate you
You pitted me against myself
Watched me destroy myself
You turned me into
Everything I didn't want
To be
An insecure little girl
A whiny female
An emotional wreck
I was fine with being
All of that on my own
purple orchid
Written by
purple orchid  South Africa
(South Africa)   
     John Stevens, S Smoothie, ---, ---, Melaina and 23 others
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