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  Jun 2016 Melaina
upon your skin
the tears fallen from brooding clouds
tastes of warm and wetness

upon your skin
the specks of sanded down mountains
tastes of salt and rust

upon your skin
flecked grass shaved from the meadows beard
tastes of goodness and hope

upon your skin
water rivuleted from the salted realm
tastes of iodine and mystery

upon your skin
timbers tamed, taken,
taste of cedarsap and history fallen

upon your skin
my tongue  tastes
these wonderous thing

i am but a beggar at a feast.......
  Dec 2014 Melaina
do not date a girl
who writes.
she will internalize
carve poems
into your eyelashes
instead of
kissing them,

she will analyze you,
calculate age
from the rings
your coffee cup
instead of refilling it.

she will memorize
the way your
lips curl around steam,
but not that you
take it
two sugars,
no cream.

she will read your
palm instead of
holding it
against her chest.

she will not
when you leave,
because she is
romanticizing it.
Melaina Sep 2014
Could we make two halves of the world?
The abusers , the capitalist , the terrorists and the colonists to one side with all the land , oil, and riches they want.  While the rest the dream weavers , the children , the peace makers, and farmers on the other with the lands, the plains, and the waters as one .
One half will end in destruction the other in construction
One half will have peace on the other half no sleep.
We should see who will last the longest ,who will prevail.
There's a place for everyone on the peace side but the people on the other side would only want for a piece from the least, the rest only a hand full of people to do their work.  On the hate side they see progress they steal what they can from the land, not give what they could for the future.  Eventually we all lay down our arms to lay in arms and drift to sleep , As I watch out my window counting many sheep.  I'm wide awake dreaming of  a place I've never knew. A world years a way, a world split in two.
Not so much a poem as it is a thought . When I was younger I thought the
World was a dream inside a giant's head. Then I met the stars  and the earth and they speak , They sing .  I worry everyday about the future , that people don't take the earth itself serious that she isn't a beauty to behold but a resource to withhold. I hate the violence, the corruption.  I saw this post the other day saying what if everyone gave up fighting each other and worked together and finally made intergalactic travel a real thing? I say to that person what if everyone gave up fighting and realized anything to be found in the stars light years away could be found in us? Food for thought.
  Aug 2014 Melaina
I don't think I'll write today.
I just don't think I have it inside me.
The feeling of joy and inspiration are are gone,
And I'm just sitting here.
I'm tired of feeling this way, day after day.
I just want to feel normal.
I want to feel like I belong.
What happened to the life I once had?
I don't even know who I am any more.
Who is this person that was once me?
Where are you?
Why did you leave me?
I don't think I'll write today.
  Aug 2014 Melaina
Nicole Ann Sandoval
When I asked you to fix me,
You told me I wasn't broken.
But, let this soak in.
I just wanted to know,
If i was still a pretty enough picture to be worth, agonizing over a puzzle.
Even when it's a struggle.
And you have to nuzzle each piece into place,
Kissing the pieces bent out of shape,
Searching for pieces gone missing,
But you can't make a raisin back into a grape.
Yes, I Remember your middle name
And who says we can't celebrate failure?
Don't be sad, we tried, we tried.
When you write your story in the sand it washes away with the tide.
It isn't our fault.
We may have cut ourselves open, But we didn't ask for the salt in our
Can I still say "we"?
I guess you're kind of done with me.
I don't blame you, Puzzles are frustrating.
they're a tease.
Please, tell me I haven't lost the most important piece.
Tell me I haven't lost

© copyrighted Nicole Ann Osborn
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