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Feb 2014
Words are weapons.
I believe in the strength words possess that gives each sentence the ability to build up
just as easily as tearing down.
Words can leave
cuts that no band-aid can cover,
wounds that not any number of trips to the hospital can cure,
scars that time cannot heal--
do not tell the victim of bullying that words don't hurt as much as
sticks and stones.
I believe in the authority of words and their
that can be the difference between life and death.
Telling an individual to **** himself is *not
a *joke,
telling an individual to **** himself is notย ย funny,
telling an individual to **** himself may be the permission he was waiting for to finally escape the consuming burden he calls his life--
do not tell the mother of two kids minus one who lost her son to his own hand that actions speak louder than words.
I believe in the healing magic that occurs when the right words are arranged in the right order.
Words are made into sentences,
sentences into paragraphs,
paragraphs into pages,
and pages into books that evoke every kind of emotion and
lock the reader between those pages--
do not tell those whose friends are made out of paper that they require friends made out of flesh.
For every individual there are two types of sentences:
a sentence that can destroy and a sentence that can mend.
*I believe in words.
Alex Fountain
Written by
Alex Fountain  Michigan
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