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Feb 2014
prologue -

i demand you drop
all which you have not

and i'll offer you what
you've already got


talisman of love

i want you to learn
what you can be
with love you'll earn
your potentiality

its a fear so great
than death itself
an event so rare
when love descends

with love you'll move
towards abyss
tremble and waver
with fear that grips

what will you do
when you cannot run
for it'll beckon you
like the morning sun

it gives a glimpse
into what you can be
for love attracts
you'll clearly see

but is that love
you hold so dear
for which you cheer

its one false coin
which you invented
to fill your void
and live contented

for without love
life has no point
no charm or luck
no songs or rhyme

for without love
you cannot pray
and feel grateful
or celebrate

for with this love
does soul arise
and shadows below
ego that lies

just one empty gesture
without love life remains
just one possibility
that we all dream to gain

learn the art of nourishment
feed yourself with love
but know love isn't art itself
for it needs no effort

know your inner realms of being
find untrodden spaces
wherein love goes on and on
your aura it embraces

but in a tunnel you've been forced
you have been deeply rooted
one shallow fake guide for all
a love so very limited

you love your wife, wife loves you
children, parents and friends
all them keep on watching while
with truth falsehood contends

all different flavors of love
so neatly arranged
are put up on by who are lost
whom reality estranged

truth is that they fear love
for love does know no bounds
men all which who rule with blood
their spirits it confounds

in three layers of human being
body, spirit and mind
love exists on all three planes
with soul it does align

but here's this love which artists feel
sensitive and pure
thriving on that plane themselves
pulled by its allure

they do not think, they simply feel
because they live in heart
embracing beauties of this mind
the truth they lay apart

no wonder why people then
to love are so afraid
anything this beautiful
is also delicate

know how shards of broken glass
cannot together be put
for sentiments are not stones
treated like roses they should

love is like a fragrant rose
dancing in the rain
like one pious hearty breeze
through all daisies lain

but hearts do want to catch this wind
and call it all their own
but know they not it can't be caught
gilded or cast in stone

rare and few are those who learn
to live their life in moments
witness deeper love of heart
relish this blessed freshness

i don't know which love yours is
perhaps the common kind
are you afraid what shall happen
from life when you resign

certainly it will be gone
but you shall not lose all
a newer kind will arise
which world shall it enthrall

which belongs to privileged few
perhaps to one in millions
kind of love all that can
only be called lovingness


talisma­n of love - gaining love

how it really happens
open your eyes and see
reject all other formulae for
a talisman i give thee

live in love, not for it
i teach you this truth plain
experience existence
in purest form obtain

that love you need i cannot give
but your path i'll light
explain to you how it forms
soak in its delight

these pseudo religions
and battered moral books
cage your soul in silken beams
suspend with silver hooks

you are free to experiment
if adult enough you are
hear nature herself confess
truth which hides so far

love so fake you are proud of
that binds you in soft smother
learn this much that you are you
and the other is other

if you want to taste divine
then jump within yourself
for only if you do renounce
you'll gain the lost itself

only love and its failure
can throw you on inside
if you wish to reach the shore
you have to tear these tides

i make you see this cunning plot
parasites designed for you
deceive, exploit and oppress
like coffin nails driven through

love others is all they say
dare love yourself not
to love yourself is selfish
or so you have been taught

love god, nature, wife and kids
they all go on saying
they all condemn self love
more than they do anything

a man who loves himself
finds no ego in him
one who loves himself not
this world will his soul skim

one can be in love yet be alone
like island in an ocean
when one IS love he is alone
rooted in midst of motion

like ocean throws its waves on shore
on a rock utterly alone
enjoy it like a breath of breeze
in moment born and gone

love is not some drunkenness
nor is it delusion
dissolution isn't unconsciousness
its solemn abdication

see your beauty in loneliness
this reflection foresee
lovers are mirrors to each other
in which they see their being

love makes you aware
of your original face
it celebrates togetherness
yet frees you from *******


talisman of love - ritual of hate

love needs no reference
it is the height of freedom
hate you see is *******
for its simply a prison

when you do hate someone
you seed hate in his heart
water roots of jealousy
and crack your world apart

hate is imprisonment
hate provokes hate
violence real or in minds
you fall onto hell's bait

feel outpouring bliss
just share for sharing's sake
for no other motive
in this fest partake

'tis the other side of hate
the love that which you know
scratch your lover's ego and see
witness streams of hate flow

your love isn't really love
it is the very opposite
its hate disguised as love
a ritual you must admit

true love is spontaneous
welling up of joy
showering for no reason which
nothing can destroy


talisman of love - reason to love

love without attachment
itself is the divine
for a bird put in cage
can never ever fly

when love in you is emperor
it'll make your soul liberate
and ask for nothing in turn
for rulers never trade

if there's passion in love
does it turn to hell
when there's attachment in love
it decays in golden shell

love can make you fall
it can soar you high
something so mysterious
which you cant subside

strengthen wings of your being
release to open sky
let this bird set out
on a journey to infinite

it is a door one side of which
you see yourself languish
at one side of which is pain
the other side is bliss

this makes no sense as some would say
"i loved yet gained just misery
reaped a crop of thorns i did
throughout my life's history"

their love did simply curtain
passion, jealousy and ***
from outside does what it seem
inside is something else

what was it you did long for
when you were in love
ask yourself if you were not
dazzled with shimmering lust

it shows itself in prayers all
real love becomes devotion
blossom like the spring it shall
and mark your liberation

lovers can't be sent to war
be thrown in dark cannot
for rebels listen to none
when deeper fears drop

when we say men fall in love
where do they fall from?
do they gain or do they shrink
what do they become?

ego has the eyes of reason
heart but is all blind
long as such you've trained yourself
thus love you cannot find

why must you tolerate
a bland mere existence
and prolong yourself till
death tries out your patience

you have done the same so far
tell me what's come of it
you still wont know what life means
something you must admit

if someone asks what life does mean
know well he lacks in love
it is the goal and reason for bliss
in each moment thereof

if someone loves, he need not ask
the meaning is right there
it encompasses all throughout
and nothing remains to spare


talisman of love - truth of being**

do you see the truth in what
all that i have said?
do you feel the flow of love
or feel in grave instead?

do you feel it in your veins
or has your heart ceased
do you not see truth of being
in each and every piece

enter the enlightened kingdom
rising on the ray of love
when truth is to be known but
your love is to be felt of

one which reaps poison and nectar
you're really just that plant
to die by hate and bloom with love
in times heavens did grant

"i always love" you might say
i say you rarely do
you say that you still long for love
i find this childish too

you just throw this bait of love
not for the fish to eat
but to feed your egos on
a trader's two way street

to love and to need love
are two so different things
whoever wants love suffers
for beggars own nothing

it can only be given
not bought or bartered with
with money joy cant be owned
for sure it's all a myth

the path is not in sky
in your heart it lies
thus spake lord Buddha
a truth so plain and wise
talisman of love (epilogue) -

for ones who live with love
so calm do they remain
amidst all praise and blame
like eye of a hurricane

for never does the hatred cease
by hatred here below
for hatred does cease by love
this is eternal law

                                                                                                               Lord Buddha
Written by
tranquil  New Delhi, India
(New Delhi, India)   
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