Jan 2014

Why do we want to be read?
Is it just to feed our egotistic
fame obsessed mind?
To engorge and devour
positive criticism
like lustful hormonal
teenage boys
masturbating and whacking off
to every semi naked female?

Or is it to share?
To hope that somewhere
out there,
that there is someone that feels
the same way you feel.
That there is someone that sees
the same way you see.
and there is someone out there
that knows what your going through.

Because in the time that I've been alive,
I've noticed
For a planet with 7 billion people on it
it's really easy to feel alone.

I've learned
That if someone can hear you
it doesn't really mean he's listening
that if someone can see you
it doesn't really mean he knows you're there
that if someone can touch you
it doesn't really mean he feels you.

I've learned that whether
it be inches or miles
distance is distance.
It's all the same without effort.
And it'd be the same with.

I've learned that even if it's summer
even scorching hot
and the heat is making you sweat buckets.
It's all too easy to feel cold.

so for whatever reason
you're reading this
or writing this
or listening to this.
Keeping reading
keep writing
keep listening
keep looking.
Cause you'll find someone
Someone that can see with you
be with you
feel with you
and exist with you.

I think it'd be better spoken out :( when I thought of it I was saying it out loud.. So if you're reading it please do read it out loud! Feel where you should speed up and slow down! I know it's not very helpful tips but that's pretty much all I can say! Hope you enjoy!
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