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Jan 2014
In darkness I once sat, feeling, pining, and wanting to forget.

But patients heals the heart, giving love a new start, and a place where it is fostered and cared for.

So in darkness I must grow, so in light I can show, that that which did not **** me, made me stronger.

As the hurt has subsided, so have I been reunited, with the person I had worked so hard to create.

It is no longer a trial, to raise with that smile, that even broken teeth cannot defile.

For as darkness changes to light, my phoenix takes flight, and the fire that burns inside still remains.

It is not out of spite, but a personal fight, to bring back the lion that lives inside me.

So I give thanks for the lessons, the late night confessions, and the times that will never be forgotten.

But it is not the end, but a beginning again, of something quite different from how it started.
Written by
Gabriel  35/M/Mile high
(35/M/Mile high)   
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