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Cheri Lynn Feb 2014
Chapter II

A wreath of passionate fire encircles a face of pure light,

A being, framed by strong shoulders and chest, with gentle hands.

Flames from within that flicker and dance

with a deep glow, spilling forth happiness from the soulful orbs

of his eyes that shine bright like the sun, in spite of the darkness of night.

Mischievous and joyful as a Midsummer Goodfellow.
And yet...
If not for the solid purpose in each step, easily he could be Oberon.

Two sides of a coin.

Fully alight, there is no stopping the energy that pours forth...

From his entire being.

All around are consumed by his love.
All around are enveloped in his luminescence.
All around are enamored by his beautiful soul.

It is enchanting to watch.

……How do I know?
Because I died…and he brought me back..
He gave me new life and now…

My heart beats in rhythm with his.

A shared heart-song.
We are one. An unbreakable embrace.
There was a time....Once..when I danced alone…

Then he found me. And now I am home.
Part 2 of 2.
Preceded by: A Winter Death by Dance.
A gift for my Valentine <3
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
I'm lost in a reverie.
A cloudy, soft lit, expanse in my mind
my favorite place to visit
when I'm missing you.

I linger on the moment I first saw you.

Your stride confident as you found me.
Your eyes alight with excitement reflecting my own.
You reminded me of some imagined friend I dreamed
long ago; who in that moment, found his way to the home he wanted most.

My feet carried me toward you of their own volition.

I fit into your arms so neatly.
My smiling  lips found respite in the crook of your neck
I held back bubbling giggles as you encircled me
and I listened, as the world shifted around us;
The end of life as we knew it.

In that moment I heard so much keener; saw so much clearer

The streets were bright and loud!
The earth whispered your name.
The way your gaze held me, like I was the only woman you'd ever seen.
Adoration flooded my senses.

"I love you." I knew in this moment, I had been ruined for all others.

No one could ever touch me the way you had.
No other eyes would ever see me the way you do.
No other face could carry the sun and stars upon it
to reflect back my wishes and dreams.

So many needs and wants we chase in life...
*....but it was only ever you.
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
Imagine your dreams as reality,
one who crafts and shapes how their life will be.
A smith with unlimited skill,
unmatched force inside,
called the strength of ones will.

You carry a charge within you,
A powder keg of potential dreams;
Don't let all these shadows dissuade you.
Light your fuse and burst life at the seams!

There's no need to rein in adventure,
not when the company's true.
Just be sure to take stock and measure,
the loyalty of those close to you.

The message that resonates deep,
that echos within each of our souls is
have courage -- live what you dream up.
No one else can achieve your heart's goals.
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
Shaken to the ground,
You have me.
Listen to my sound,
You have me.
Heart and soul astound,
You have me.
Lost because I'm found,
You have me.
Two souls as one, we're bound,
You have me.
Love is all around.
You have me.
*I am yours forever.
For The Sun.
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
The sound of clothes slipping from shoulders in the quiet dark.
A muted glow bouncing enticingly off of smooth, exposed skin.
A playful giggle, a gentle lingering kiss.
The plush, warm, hypnosis of lips on lips.

A quickening heartbeat that pairs with another.
The transition of teasing touches and subtle amused sounds.
The rush of heat shared between bodies.
A catching breath in the moment.

The need that fills the senses of both.
A feeling of urgency, euphoria just out of reach.
A joining of two halves, one soul.
The moment of sheer bliss with one deep, and warm, within the other.

A new universe is gradually exposed.
The unique rhythm of two bodies, discovered.
The sweat trickles, where salted skin excites.
A love expressed by approaching ecstasy.

Life is rarely as beautiful as in these moments.
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
Papery white dust motes hang in the air
soft, early light, beckoning you
having stolen it's way in through the cracks
of this world we have been hiding in together.

The early light, before the dawn.
That morning, the one I kept hoping would decide to stay away
just a little longer...has found us.
These are the only times I truly hate the coming sun.

When I knew it was coming to take you away
I didn't want to close my eyes
maybe, if I kept watch over you,
it would freeze time, just once.

I wished for it, but wishes did not prevail.

Now, I don't want to open these eyes.
I want to stay wrapped in this cocoon of warmth with you.
I can't bare the sting of sadness I will feel
once our small lover's cove lacks your presence.

I touch your cheek with my fingertips,
so smooth and perfect under my skin,
you lie still with your eyes closed,
but I know you are aware.

My heavy-lidded gaze watches the clock, slow and deliberate.
These feel like stolen moments, and I,
I am a greedy treasure-seeker, hording
delights of my heart for one more precious minute and wishing for more.

Again, I wished, but to no avail.

I can feel the wall cracking.
The one I had constructed through the night as I always do,
my resolve, weakening as I know
I must face your inevitable departure.

I close my eyes but a moment,
when I open them again your face is bright,
full of love for me as you try to ease my sadness,
but the physical distance between us has already begun.

I hide my tears from you as best I can,
a silly thing to do when I know you can feel them,
but my pride will not allow me to show
the full weight that sits on my chest.

"All the time in the world", you say, and I try to smile as I wish the distance away.
Cheri Lynn Jan 2014
A rusty sun glances over the thin black line in the distance
but it does not share it's light
not for you.
In fact, the burnt orange rays only serve to remind you of the sting that lives,
thrives inside.
The warmth is not appealing when one can't feel it.
Hands on knees, palms up.
Absolute silence between here and the rest of the world.
You have sat like this so many nights into dawns
So many days when you just could not move because your bones ached.
Your bones that seemed likely to grind into dust from the weight held within.
That awful weight that you cannot call by name,
No matter how hard you try to command it,
It slowly kills you.
Tear streaked, pensive orbs of brown,
drop from that rusty view and for the millionth time,
dully do they note the maker's marks.
As if they simply just appeared.
The culprit silently slips from your fingertips.
A young, cream-hued canvas, splashed with color.
Pink and Red.
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