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Dec 2013
I sauntered along this familiar lane, recalling every memory and every feeling I’ve felt.

It seemed so surreal to be walking here again, even though this is the path I’ve taken for the last fourteen years.

It’s a lane full of hate, regret and just plain darkness. Anyone who has managed to get lost here probably never got out, for at Ocean Avenue, there is no sun, no happiness and absolutely no positivity at all. It would drive a person completely mad because he/she will be alone. They won’t find anyone, only creatures of sorts created by my nightmares and fears. They will taunt them, driving them into the smallest corners of this lane, eventually killing them.

Yellow eyes show up in every place where there is darkness, and you will feel constantly watched by an unknown entity. There is a tension in the air, and a distinct ringing in your ears.

Creatures appear every time I get emotional, wreaking havoc in the streets and trapping innocent lives.

Beware of Ocean Avenue, the mind that belongs to me.

well this is a short description of what it's like to have a mind like my own
addy r
Written by
addy r  SC
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