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Nov 2013
Is this what you really seek?
Nothing more than a spark when both our eyes meet.
Just a little lust between locked lips.

You wouldn't know if rocks were hurled, love was thrown in your face, right at you. Lines are so blurred that love is lost within the gray.

You're a hopeless case, thinking life is perfect, yet you're not. Don't you see the flaw in your thoughts? Babe, for being able to appreciate these things makes you more beautiful in ways I can't repeat.

Or is this a lie?(I have trust issues, clearly, you can see.) To me I can only see that there no difference, for each word from your mouth is gospel truth, banishing all doubt that crept in, somehow.

Perhaps your past caught up with you. Changing the way you feel, turning your soul black & Ill. Least of all is what you know, that all these hurts makes you whole.

Yet sometimes I feel like I'm being played like a fool, like putty in your hands, bending to your will. But all my soul seems to hold tight to the vague image of things that aren't real.

All these thoughts rush through my head, as you sit on me and we swayed in the breeze. **** it. I think I'm still barking up the wrong tree, but someday, I'll find that special place for you & me. Just trust me on this, for I'm a *******
Written by
     Pure LOVE, Jordyn and ---
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