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Jordyn Mar 2014
Walking with your hand intertwined in mine
                                                              Makes the ground beneath our feet turn to sky
Your lips pressing onto mine
                                                                                              Intoxicates me even more
Listening to 40s music in your BMW
                                                                                              Makes us go back in time
Slow dancing when no music is heard
                                                                                      We keep our own steady beat.
Falling asleep in your arms
                                                           Makes me swoon while unconsciously conscious
Waking up so close to you
                                                                             Continues the always-ongoing dream

*Ive decided we must be a dream. The day i wake up will be the day you or i leave
Jordyn Feb 2014
Why did I believe
that I could love
                          ­           somebody,
more than I love
                                                            ­                                                        ......myself?
Jordyn Feb 2014
Ill never tell you things that I know you're dying to hear
I could never bring myself to it
When the words dance on the tip of my tongue, they quickly disappear
I just cant do it
Jordyn Jan 2014
I've never been one to rely upon another;
never needed to share my world with  someone else.
But I've realized that there can never be another.

That  night we laid in a hotel bed, on the thirteenth floor
the city lights were shining for us
I then did something I've never done before.

As your breathes soften into sleep
I lay in your arms
and I begin to quietly weep

Because i know I have really fallen too.
but unfortunately you love me
enough to make me want to always love you.

Alas, we are just kids in the deep sea.
Although I know your deepest wish
is for us to always be.

I cried that night because  realized;
no one else will ever show so much love
just by the look in your eyes.

i cried because i know our untold longing for forever.
And I refuse to let it last.
Im sorry. I love you. But we cant be together.
Jordyn Dec 2013
This thing destroys all:
Even the beauty of of your call;
Slashes iron, cuts steel;
Grinds your bones into meal;
Kills men, ruined city,
It is truly a fate that all pity
Jordyn Nov 2013
Raged with the unknowing of my recent past
You resist screaming the worst of words
Saying you need to know
Something deeper than my most adored color
I've told you bits and pieces
But not nearly enough
For you don't know the story
Not even the plot
You only know there is an unspoken book
Hidden deep within me
Looking into my eyes
You whisper what you know
"You're still the sad little girl deep down that I never had the pleasure to meet."
And with each word......
                                      And fall
                                                                  And fall
Becuase I know you are there to catch me
The overjoyed me
Or the saddened soul me
You are here for every me
Jordyn Nov 2013
Never have I ever
Felt an embrace quite like yours
When our bodies are intertwined

Never have I ever
Had such a smile
Like when you gave  me my first rose bouquet

Never have I ever
Been so consumed by a feeling
Like when you bestow a kiss upon my cheek

Never have I ever
Seen eyes so full of admiration
As yours did when a tear fell from your joy

Never have I ever
Endured so much gain
With so little pain

Never have I ever
Heard words so true
As the three  you constantly whisper to me
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