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Sean Jul 2015
Tender youth is so very short,
We exalt our battles as though we already won,
Romance our tragedies with stories and songs,
Yet live in the moment like our future's foregone.
Sean Feb 2014
The lovers swim in a moonlit sea
The beautiful night sky reflected in their very eyes

The lovers fell apart as broken doors
One not wanting the other as much as they did before

The lovers stood in a storm to swords
Words and knives whisper as they fly by
They hold onto each other tight
To them, that was the only thing that felt right.

The lovers were lost in each other's arms.
Right to the day they died they were singing their sweet lullaby.

Tears was gems, diamonds on the floor reflective of fears they've lost.
The world was their oyster and they were the pearls, peas-in-a -pod, they exalt their God.

Lucky they be, to find another when their in need. Their love will never fade even when it reaches heaven's gate.

Lovers love and lovers die to become someone else when the sun no longer shines, and when the sweet moon finally fails and falls apart as it fades from sight. Will these lovers figure out what is truly right?
Sean Feb 2014
Broken bones and frazzled stones.
Rusty hands and hairs' split-ends
Broken spirit and barren soul.
This is what the world does to the fools we foster near to home.

Rising tides and turning waves,
Change comes on the winds of hurricanes
as it takes out chunks of your life.
A natural disaster in all but name, does the job all the same.

Fiery mountains and frigid poles
Very much representative of the extremes of your soul.
Forsaken depths and heights of solitude, highs and lows of a life so cold
Sean Feb 2014
A toast to your body,
A body so fine.
With eyes that tempt me and shut down my mind.
Mischievous breaths.
Shivers down your spine as I bury my head in your chest.

Relax a little, fool around while we're young.
Needy hands, Lustful lips
Love reserved for when its dark, it shows in your eyes.

Fingers running through hair and skin
For places to be.
Pull me a little closer tonight,
you'll be smiling this time.
Right and wrong matters not when I'm inside
Sean Nov 2013
Is this what you really seek?
Nothing more than a spark when both our eyes meet.
Just a little lust between locked lips.

You wouldn't know if rocks were hurled, love was thrown in your face, right at you. Lines are so blurred that love is lost within the gray.

You're a hopeless case, thinking life is perfect, yet you're not. Don't you see the flaw in your thoughts? Babe, for being able to appreciate these things makes you more beautiful in ways I can't repeat.

Or is this a lie?(I have trust issues, clearly, you can see.) To me I can only see that there no difference, for each word from your mouth is gospel truth, banishing all doubt that crept in, somehow.

Perhaps your past caught up with you. Changing the way you feel, turning your soul black & Ill. Least of all is what you know, that all these hurts makes you whole.

Yet sometimes I feel like I'm being played like a fool, like putty in your hands, bending to your will. But all my soul seems to hold tight to the vague image of things that aren't real.

All these thoughts rush through my head, as you sit on me and we swayed in the breeze. **** it. I think I'm still barking up the wrong tree, but someday, I'll find that special place for you & me. Just trust me on this, for I'm a *******
Sean Oct 2013
Growing up is a painful process,
Necessarily so.
Seeing through the mirage, looking through the glass.
You enter the part called growing up.
Tis the start of the worst to come.

Grownup yet never old, always learning, always hurting.
You thought this time its over, the price was paid the debt was dead.
The past and the future blend into one never leting you leave.
And the monsters just keep growing.

On your death bed,
The last part of growing up, the end of your days.
Pain seems to take a shape.
A familiar one you've knew all along.
Creeping ,crawling under places you've never looked but always knew.
With your final breath, the monsters under your bed greet you like an old friend
Sean Oct 2013
Capture this moment.
Yet again.
Slipping through your fingers like sand.
Vanishing like morning dew.
Being swallowed by quicksand, buried six feet under

Capture this moment.
Yet again.
But its already gone.
Disappeared around the corner.
Hidden behind the hills.
Sunk into a lake, never to be retrieved.

Capture this moment.
Think not of it.
To hold it in your hand.
For this moment in time,
Is gone yet again.
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