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Nov 2013
I promise you can have all of me,
all the broken i love you’s,
all the first last forever and always’ s.
You can have all the moments that never lasted
I still remember the love left behind
Don't try to figure me out,
just take me for what they’ve made of me,
Scars and bruises on a heart that gives no guarantee.
Heres all of me, all that I could be
And I hope it’ll be enough
Cause this is all that’s left of me.
What didn’t **** me, it never made me stronger. It’s supposed to but it didn’t. It made me build a wall so high that no one can climb it. This isn't being strong, being strong is when you can take risks and love freely. This is being afraid, afraid of the lessons you failed to learn.
The Habits of My Heart
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