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Oct 2013
It's not like I was trying to get away.
I knew
that this road
was going to hit a
dead end.
I didn't want to get caught up
in this head on collision
of what I thought was a
soul connection
rather than just
false intimacy.

I thought that when we touched
it was a charge
that could light up the solar systems
or these streets
in our eyes
or fill our veins
with an adrenaline rush
that could only amount
to the closest feeling
of feeling alive.

But I don't want to feel this real again.

Take two of this movie scene
that I never asked to screenplay
and I'm tired of the same plot twists
and again.
I'm not your cheesy script
waiting to be denied and burned,
tossed and scrapped.
I don't want to be a torn piece of

But hey,
at least we had fun while it lasted.
don't expect for me to not
feel a little ashamed
or blame you
for doing what you do best:
"Attention *****-ing"
your life
while dropping
everyone who
Shanon Lee
Written by
Shanon Lee
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