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Abeille Feb 2019
On the subway
a woman with leather boots and a designer bag leaned forward in her seat and spit right onto the floor.
The woman across from me looked up, eyebrows raised.
“Really?” she mouthed.
The rear door slid open and a tall man walked into the car, his face badly scarred. Creamy-pink-and-tan marbled skin. He wore sunglasses. He didn’t have a nose or fingers. He carried a laminated news article in the crook of his arm. The headline explained, shouted to us, that he was the victim of an acid attack.
“They ruined my life. Money, please.”
“They ruined my life. Money, please.”
“They ruined my life. Money, please.”
Only the spitter and I gave him cash.
The spitter and I only gave him cash.
Abeille Aug 2015
Half-drunk bottle of tequila
Smoking inside
Feeding cats
"I am real and you are not"
Abeille Jun 2014
I bask in the silky, blue-gray Alaskan light which blankets my mother's bedroom
at 3am
while, from the cat's fur ,
Static sparks
each time my hand runs down his sleek back and
cool campfire air drifts in through the open window where
Mosquitos are clinging to the screen
Abeille Feb 2014
you may be kind of strange
i've been meaning to confess
from modern takes on elegance
you usually digress
your words are sometimes muddled
rather jumbled and askew
i know, these sound like grievances,
but they're reasons i love you!
your silliness is incomparable
your wit can not be beat
and trust i'll never treat you
like you're just a piece of meat
i hope my words aren't shocking
some leeway you must give
to a gal who just can't fathom
how without you she would live!
so keep up your nutty antics
my dear they are divine
and know that im delighted
to call you my valentine!
wrote this for a friend while waiting for a train on the 14th. it's pretty cliche but i had fun writing it, hope you have fun reading it
Abeille Dec 2013
It's been way too long
I get lost in December
Gotta get up soon
Abeille Nov 2013
no feelings that i have tampered with
have rendered me so stark and airless
don't shrink like me just let us begin
by sharing different sensations:
adding air to blue and
begged-for kisses

                        " and
                       begging lips" ?
Abeille Nov 2013
It's chilly/overcast
the street is empty: wednesday 215pm
everyone is at school or at work
This is when I thrive.

No worrying what each car is thinking of me as they drive by
the urge to check the backs of my shoes in case I've stepped in something is diminished.
"Whatismyhairdoingarethesepantstootight? These pants are too tight.
Hide your cigarette so they won't see. Am i walking in a straight line?
Should i be on this side of the road or the other
There's no sidewalk I don't know.

Someone I know
Someone I ******
Will inevitably drive by
Pity me
'That's her isn't it? Why is she walking by herself in the cold?
She doesn't have a car? Pathetic. She can afford to buy
cigarettes at ten bucks a pack? Irresponsible.'"
Head held high walking down an empty street

I feel the heat still radiating from newly-parked cars
Small and fleeting moments of relief
Akin to meeting eyes with an attractive stranger on the street
Making whatever this is
Easier to bear
not sure about this one. not much of a poem but i felt obligated to post it seeing as been so long and also it's the most i've been able to wring-out  for the last week or so. written while sitting across from a stinky cat lady. her paintings were nice.
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