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Oct 2013
Since early childhood I've never been one to actively seek the "dramatic" in life; it emotionally drains, it's a blocker of productivity and, quite frankly, it's stupid.
In the sandbox there's always that little one who is perfectly happy to play alone; that would be me avoiding those in love with all the ups and downs drama creates.

There are no better times in life for me than finding that serene inner peaceful place;
the one I seek out when the world seems to be going mad without base of rationale.
The wise of life have looked within the depths of my eyes and deemed me "old soul";
I was too young at that time to understand until another learned elder explained it.

Was still too young to fathom all entailed or why I was chosen born an aged soul; but knew, even at that age, all things happen for a reason and when meant to be.

As I grow older the passage of time for me seems to quicken; Which made me realize when I was very young, life is brief and is not to be wasted on anything related to the toxic or anyone's energy draining emotional drama.

Because as we all age, we run even faster towards the grave.
Betty Ponder
Written by
Betty Ponder
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