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Akina Sep 2017
“Come away with me into the deep, my dear”
Sang the Sea, low and sweet.
Like a lullaby, like butterflies
I peered into the well

“Come away across the water, I can show you magnificent things”
Sighed the Sea, long and mournful.
Like a breeze, a gentle caress
I gazed out to the horizon

“Follow me down, my dear, come see me on the ocean floor”

Called the Sea, tempting and sensual
Like a lover’s kiss, a windswept tide
I sank deeper, and deeper still

“Let me show you death, my dear”

Whispered the Sea, faint and fading
Like a drowning girl, like a dying flame
I watched as my final breath left my lungs
Akina Sep 2017
You struck me with a love song
You stole the breath from my lungs
Your words are oh so sickly-sweet
Just dripping off your tongue

Your voice can weave such wonders
And I’m defeated before I know it
I’m caught it seems, have pity on me
Trapped in a world and you own it

You’re plucking at my heartstrings
You’ve showered me in lies
You know the effect you have on me
I can see it in your eyes.

So here I stand before you
You’ve captured my heart, my pride
So I’m taking a chance
A bet on romance
Throw in all my chips and just let it ride.

I am both old and young at once
So here is my question of youth
So why did you this time lie to me
When before you always gave me truth?

I’ve lost track, who is this to anymore?
I’m ready now to see what you’ve shown
I guess I just want to say ‘thank you’
For helping the parts that have grown

I’m not easy, I’m not nice
And I’ve been this way for awhile
But you were there, words or not
When all I really needed was to smile

I might be losing my mind now
So I hope you read in between
But I’ll guard your heart
Through the strange and the dark
Every King, now and then, needs his Queen
Akina Oct 2014
If only, if only
The wind in the trees
Didn't lift voices away
To be lost in the breeze

If only, if only
I sigh into you
Don't ever leave me
These moments are few

If only, if only
I could turn away death
And all through the years
I'd never be left
Akina Jan 2013
If I am the Night, and you are the Sea
Some things will blur a’twixt you and me
We are deep and vast and very full of darkness
We cycle through holding our light on the surface
Perhaps we were made for just such a purpose

And eventually my night will turn into day
But some part of you sees my sky anyway
You hold the reflection of my stars so near
I smile and sigh into waters so clear
Your Moon may be gone, but I am still here

I've seen your waves, and caused your tides
And on a good night, I can see deeper inside
I've witnessed your storms and hurricanes
I've watched howling winds and driving rains
Churn up both treasures and long lost remains

And through all of that I've just held you close
Enveloping you more with the stronger it grows
And when it has passed, and stars come back out
I want you to know that you need never doubt
In my heart, on my mind, we’re what I think about

I've been forced to look on as you willingly drown
And I've wanted to cry as you sunk all the way down
But I've also marveled at our mirrored expanse
At how you craft words into the spark of romance
How great would we be if just given the chance?

I know you can see me, past all my bright lights
Watched comets and planets and things that ignite
You know there is darkness between every star
And how collisions, explosions, have left me with scars
But all that we've shared shows just what we are

I've told you how black holes have tried to consume
And how constellations have reared up out of the gloom
You've been there when clouds have covered my skies
And seen my colors change each time the sun has to rise
You see so much more than anyone with just mortal eyes

By now you should know, my solar flares are for you
I’d like to think I have sway over the tides you feel too
Things like ours are nice when they’re not hard at all
So realize my feelings for you are anything but small
I like that you’re there to catch my stars when they fall

And maybe you’re right when you said we won’t last
Perhaps we’re both just reliving mistakes of the past
But maybe I adore you so much that I want to keep this
Maybe I don’t want to see you turn into something I miss
This thing isn't one I’d end with just a goodbye kiss

I know you’re waiting for words, I’m not sure I have them
While I’m looking for the right ones, here, have a poem
This isn't a summation, it’s more like a rough start
Of the Night and the Sea, the deep and the dark
If anyone has ever, it’s you whose captured my heart
Akina Nov 2012
To keep at bay a heart that aches
A few simple things is all it takes
To have armor of your own make

It's all about just having fun
But be aware when it's close to done
You must always be the first to run

Pick and choose and be amused
Just don't ever get too attached to
Someone whom you're sure to lose

Pluck your heart from your sleeve
Don't let it stray beneath the sheets
Unless you want to taste defeat

Hold on to all your sweet allure
Mystery can oft ensure
That he's always left, wanting more

Sometimes you're better to be fake
To protect your heart so it won't break
Put on a mask, for your own sake

I always say; In love, be true
But bashed-in hearts are good for few
Why suffer if no love's in view?

I recommend, don't stay like this
It's just a temporary fix
For a weary heart that's long been sick

It's no hard thing to be a tease
Men give in with such great ease
Made simpler with rules like these

So here is how and what to do
Ladies, this one's just for you
Use it well and follow through
And your heart will never split in two
Akina Nov 2012
Her heart was made of beating wings
Of tides and winds and churning things

So much she'd take, but give nothing back
If you fall for her, you are surely trapped

She yearns for love, an unknown thirst
But to have none, this girl is cursed

A heart of gold could not hers win
For something's missing from within

She sees them all, through and through
Men and knights, boys and fools

A single glance is all it took
Seduced by her with just one look

They pine for her, heart and hand
And fleetingly, she felt something grand

But in such short time, it's all gone
Left in one-way love while she looks on

Unsatisfied, she wants that feeling too
And so one by one, he suitors she slew

And every one, she swallowed their heart
When feelings of love didn't last past dark

Trying to hold what they felt for her
Instead it became a lover's slaughter

She waits and waits for the one to come
The one to set this spell undone

She's ever patient, waiting for such a day
That true love will keep dark magic at bay

And finally she can come to know
The spark of love, and watch it grow

But time is the longest road to walk
She fears death before her hearts unlocked

Yet still she keeps that promise alive
Through it all, her hope survives

For one to appear, noble and true
To whom she can honestly say, I love you
Akina Oct 2012
I see them there from time to time
Slipping through cracks in my mind
With faces that look just like mine
Only a slightly different kind
Somehow we're separate, yet still entwined
Yet when people ask, I say I'm fine
Perhaps I'm slowly in decline
Cause when I'm gone without a sign
Someone else is always next in line
To make sure our life does not unwind
I guess between all of us combined
It looks as if everything's aligned
But are they really so benign?
I'm sick of sitting on sidelines
There's too many for me to confine
Each wants their chance to outshine
To have control of our life's design
One little slip, and I'm reassigned
It's hard to fight them off sometimes
It can be so easy to just resign
And let them have their way this time
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