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Feb 13
Her eyes were pinkish-red that evening,
I wish they stayed that way, blurring it all,
She wouldn't remember me leaving perhaps,
Just a faint memory she swore was real;

Even now, it feels cruel she lived through it,
My absolute helplessness to hold her,
Tell her I'll be back and she'll see me again,
Wanna be yours to you are mine;

I ache to absorb that melancholy from her,
Carry it all, my strength and courage for her,
It's not my grief but hers still I'll claim it,
I never want her to suffer a bit, not even ounce;

Perhaps that evening does mean something,
Maybe it was where hope was born for her,
Suffering bulids character but hope is stronger,
We went through it completely to the last bit;

The ashes of that separation is where we stand,
Hope won and faith was born too, love always was,
We stood on our red thread together with nothing,
Now we're hopeful, faithful and loved than ever,

The tides will change and so will the waves,
We'll only grow, prosper and find our nirvana,
Our yearned sleep, peace and quiet in our house,
We'll read this one there, cry in gratitude and love
Written by
Moonchild  Alaska
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