Jobira 3h

Time is gained
Time is lost
A time traveler ‘s
Each post is a cost
Which becomes a past
And doomed to last

In the blink of an eye
Up and up
In to the sky
Back down
To where
you began
To fly

Heart springs
For the lesser age
To frown upon
the next page

Like liquids
Not held on a fist
In time vapors
like morning mist

Like lucid dreams
They come and go
Time, a friend and
A foe
and ascending
In the essence
of its ticking moments
Back to where
It originates
By then, your time is
way too late
For you to even know
the difference

@jobiranyc (10/19/2017)

This poem is made from a collection of comments which were I was going back and forth with Temporal Fugue  in my poem Time Zone.
I thought it would be wise to collect the comments and create another version of Time Zone.
Jobira 7h

What if I am just
A kind of man
Who is full of shit?
A man who is
A lair and
A cheat
A man with a dark heart
Who is masked with deceit
And orchestrating an intent
And masquerading his true colors
Yet sells angelic vibes
For that’s all his is?

Would you then build a dam
Around your broken heart,
To keep my waters out?
Or would you still take me in face value
As nothing is what it seems?

@jobiranyc (10/19/2017)

What if  you’re ot what others perceived you to be?

Would that still make you human?

from birth we're allotted
a given time
wherein our lives tick
to the clock's chime

some shall stop curtly
short of their days
whilst others carry on
till the elderly frays

time is our prevailing
of us it's the foremost

hands of a clock
circling around and by
oh how the hours
do unceasingly fly

waste not a second
of precious existence
ever keep stride with
all of your persistence

at anytime our clocks
can deem an end
and of us they'll so
effectively suspend

Jobira 2d

In travel, the time
You gain
Moments later
You lose it again


Jobira 3d

I know you got all
my messages
My phone calls
My texts
My SMSs.
But what bothers me is,
Why are you ghosting me
All of the sudden
Like we’re a complete
Like you have received
A call from a telemarketing

@jobiranyc (10/16/2017)

Inspired by a conversation I just had with my coworkers at a dinner table.
Jobira 3d

We must know for sure
Nothing in this world
Belongs to us,
Even our on
precious beings.
Yet, we dare to fight,
To see another sunshine
until the end,
No matter the cost.


Jobira 4d

I once wanted
To have you
Only to myself
And now I know
You’re all mine alone
I forgot
My beginning wish

@jobiranyc (10/15/2017)

Nothing is coming  to mind today
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