Jobira 14h

People used to keep their words
Even till death. But,
Today, honor has no values
For the truth hides behind shadow;
Yet, it is the perfect first
punching lies, told
That could swing and put,
One’s heart and mind to a ground,
And go home a winner with a gold.
Liars are the current heroes.

There's no honor in lies.
Jobira 14h

I thought you love me
I , I alone
But with just one refresh
You have come and gone.
When I wait for you to come back
I see you with someone else
Flirting in the dark, or
Chasing dreams in the skies. I thought
I am your only one, but you're very cleaver
In disguising to be with more than one lover.

Sometimes you come and remind me
Of our history on Notifications
Because our history Trends
like Romeo and Juliet,
When your other lovers overwhelm you
With Like, Love, Sunshine, share you with others on media
Even take you home to their Favorite Collections
Or even confess their love to you
and put you on public display with their Repost,
Then you come running back to me
To disappear in a second.

I think you're just sad little page
Who's tired of being a therapist and a lover
to all these people who also come and go,
Yet love knows no color or place
In a second, you forget all pains and
you fall in love with strangers’ face,
Who come storming at your doorstep and begin
Telling you their happiness or
Saddest stories. The more you listen
The sudden you fall in love with them.

But I can't be in pain and wait for
Your love to come again and go
Because I thought you love me and
You listen to me, only me
I, I alone, but
A second I posted this poem
I know for sure, you're already gone.

I just wrote this, and just wanted to share.
Still in works
Jobira 2d

I was once fond of you
I fell in love the first time
I touched your face. You were
The only air I could breathe
The only screen I could see
But you began to freeze,
Deleted my files and
And would be blue sometimes.
I troubleshooted with Ctrl+Alt+Delete
And rebooted my systems.
Systems get restored awhile
Soon afterwards went back to
The same problems.
So I saved you in the thin clouds
All I could retrieve from
The corrupted files which
Some were hidden somewhere
On those wired server discs.
I saved you so
I could delete you one day
When I no longer fond of you
Until you will permanently become
The lost memories in the recycling bin
Deleted. Permanently.

Over time, memories are just deleted files.
Jobira 2d

When you fancy to
Savor a ripping apple
From Eden Garden,
Be chary for hidden thorns;
The bite could be your last joy.

Temptation is a killing machine.
Jobira 3d

4:52 PM EST, I am heading home.
I-95 South, past Exit 30th
The foggy pitch black sky opened
And began pouring down thunder rain.
In seconds, the highway was swollen under water.
Then drivers shifted their cars to emergency mode
And were cruising their shacking cars slowly and
aerodynamically through the flood
like a trained sailor on the deep blue sea
Fighting with the violet wind and waves.
Everything was pitch black, except for the dim
Ticking and blinking Hazard lights.
It's 5:54 PM.
It stopped raining.
The sky became crystal clear.
Just like that, with a blink of an eye,
In just two minutes,
Everything changed back to normal again.

It was mad crazy on highway, driving under heavy rain like today.

No matter what you put me through
I will always love myself and this is true
Even though you did change me
Causing my thoughts and feelings to be constantly rearranging
Making me question if I am really here,
Did you even care that you caused this fear?

Or was it all just a game for you
When you spotted me out from across the room
Already plotting your maniacal plan
Hoping that I would never truly understand
The twisted and sick demons you held within,
Has your father always drove you and pushed you to sin?

Or did you ever really have a heart
And last minute decided to tear its opinions apart?
Well, I guess it doesn't really matter now
I'm safe and sound but often living in this hell that I've found

All because you thought that it might be fun
to put me on drugs and see how I spun,
Without my knowledge of what I was on
I'm thankful I followed my gut to run.

And who really knows what you both would have done
But I was smarter than that
Now aren't you stunned?
The gullible girl that you thought you had known
Had deeper thoughts going on all along

I pray to the Lord that you've learned your lesson
And distance yourself from evil's oppression,
Because God knows there is darkness inside of us all
But it's the decisions we make that cause us to rise or fall!

Jobira 3d

I am lost in her dream ship and
Her light beams are moving too fast
into the future.
My direction is unknown and
I am not sure
Which way should my heart is
Sailing to find her

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