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Oct 2022
We all are structured by stories
From singularity to plurality
We are tales ups and tales down
Tale tells of uniqueness and exciting adventures.
Stories experienced and Stories told.
We are single stories mingling in diversities
Expressed and expressions of multiple selves.
We are individuals stories found in the collective
And collective in the individual.
We are stories in time and space
Tales of distant past and discoveries.
Legends and myths
Of one story and all.
We are truth ,contrive facts and fiction .
We are truth told, lies covered
The told lies and truth untold.
We are Mars Jupiter, Plato venus and earth.
We are ocean,sea and rivers. Streams, falls and ponds.
We flow and stagnant.
we are Alien,beast and humans
We are moon,clouds,Stars and Sun.
we are light and darkness
We are dawn,noon, day and night .
We are foreseen and unforeseen, stories rejected and Stories celebrated.
We are magic and miracles.
Circles and seasons.
You and me structured.
Written by
Otuogbodor Okeibunor  Abuja, Nigeria
(Abuja, Nigeria)   
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