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Sep 2013
Eyes slam shut tight, french doors with frosted glass only the harsh lights peer through thin eye lids, images disappear behind the blurred misconceptions
I'm in love with the concept of love but fearful of rejection
scared she will have keen senses, ample for the detection
of a life without direction
I slam these eyes shut praying she won't catch the hint of whiskey on my teeth chattering
I am a stones throw from entertaining but a star's trip from flattering
As my fidgeting nervous hands are tearing and tattering
the napkins on the table, fingers delicately dance along the coffee creamers racing for the spoon
pretending she reminds me of anyone but you
but her eyes stare at me the way yours do
she laughs at every pointless joke I make too
her lips curl so perfectly over the coffee mug, pink and full of life, vibrant and smooth
I'm a hopeless, lost soul
aching for control
of emotions that know no master, strings never attached allowing me to pull the puppet to it's proper place
I know it's written across my face
letters of your name mix around and re-arrange
eyes slammed shut because the ache of knowing she's just rushing through my heart's void, a winter's draft through a cracked window pane
Leaves me with a void, where your marks will always remain
Sean C Johnson
Written by
Sean C Johnson  AK
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