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Agnis Lynota Apr 18
I've come to realize:
Everyone feels the pressure
To sink
Or swim
But sometimes we forget
It's okay to float
Agnis Lynota Nov 2018
When I felt weak
You stayed strong for me
When I couldn't walk
You held me tightly
When I was afraid
You made me feel safe
When I lost myself
You reminded me
I still had you,
The best part of me,
Love has never made more sense
Than it has with you lifting me
Out of the darkest hole I've ever fallen into
You've been more than my rock,
You have been my mountain
Dealing with an undiagnosed issue has been difficult, but with the love I have received, I feel unstoppable
Agnis Lynota Oct 2018
I have so many people who are there for me

Who I can talk to

Who are there for me

Yet I can't help but to feel so alone

It's hard to hear yourself sound repetitive

To people who have nothing left to say

Simply because they cannot understand

Though I do not wish this on anyone

It would be nice to not go through this alone
Agnis Lynota Oct 2018
I'm tired of wondering

Wondering when these episodes will end

Wondering when I will feel normal

Wondering when I can go places without fear

Wondering when I can be present in the moment

Wondering when I will be goofy again

Wondering when I will be strong

Wondering when my life will be normal again

How I wish I knew how good I had it

When I was all there, when my problems

were nothing other than selfmade

And nothing that dictated every second of everyday
Feeling defeated today, hoping this feeling passes soon
Agnis Lynota Sep 2018
If you could see
All we could be
Would you take back
All that you said?

Your hands are up
But I can't give up
Time can't be up
I can't let go
Agnis Lynota Sep 2018
And through this darkest of times,
I have been able to find a light

I feel human,
Yet I feel unstoppable

I could not have loved myself
Had it not been for this tragedy

Once a month for the past three months
My body turns against me

I forget for a few days
How to walk or talk at times

I forget for a few days
How it is to be myself

I am undiagnosed at the moment
And for a second that almost made me insane

But after losing pieces of myself
3 times, to something neurological

I have learned to love myself enough
To never give up

And for every episode that I have
To come back just as strong as I did the month before

I will no longer let the habits of this world
Rub off on me

Because now I know what truly matters:
Living, breathing, and knowing the worth of my soul
I'm dealing with an undiagnosed neurological issue, but I am hoping to keep this positive mentality and come back even stronger after all of this is said and done.
Agnis Lynota Jul 2018
Be inspired by anything
It used to be so easy for you
But time hasn't been on your side
It has ****** the life out of you
You feel glimmers of yourself
Enough to be mentally stable
But not enough to be truly happy

Don't take this as your last stop

Cause one day you'll wake up
And everything will be different
Everything will be better
You will find yourself again
You will be able to breathe again
You will be happy with who you are
And what you do
You will no longer compare
But appreciate
You will feel truly beautiful
Because you will finally believe you are

I cannot wait to find you,
I cannot wait to love you
Just some sweet words to myself that I'll be needing to look back on throughout this crazy journey that is life, but I am feeling hopeful
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