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Agnis Lynota May 2
Losing a lover can be onerous
but when they're not meant to be in your life
for a forever purpose,
they only weigh you down and stunt your growth .
Their reasoning for coming into your life
has been fulfilled,
and it's time to  feel acceptance
and walk away
with the peace of knowing
everything's going to be okay
You will be better from it
You will be stronger from it
You will flourish from it
You will wake up one day
and realize
"I couldn't have gotten here
with them by my side"
not really a poem just a reminder to everyone that better days are ahead :)
Agnis Lynota May 2
I feel the sun
warming me through the breeze
Embellishing my green eyes,
I can see the reflection of the trees
And when I breathe in air
I genuinely feel at ease
I have bloomed
and every flower agrees

I can feel with truth
the universe
is finally complimenting me
all because
I've chosen to be free

I am whole, I am happy
because I've realized
I deserve to be
Agnis Lynota Apr 28
As my cheeks turn wet
I feel guilty
For allowing myself
To feel sadness
Over something
That shouldn’t have power
Over me
But it feels good
To release
These emotions
While I have them
Because I know
There will come a day
When I will hear your name
And not feel a thing
Agnis Lynota Apr 15
I want someone to know
The texture of my skin
From head to toe
But also from within
I want to wrap bodies
With someone
Who adores me
I want to feel beautiful
On my own
But have someone
Who can’t help
But to remind me
That I am so
I want to be able
To stare in their eyes
And not question
That I am loved
I want to give my heart
To someone with gentle hands
I want the love
That I’ve always deserved
The kind I dream of
And unobscured
Agnis Lynota Mar 27
You said
  You wanted to save me from the hurt

And how ironic,
That you were my pain

  You can’t save me from yourself
   Luckily, I can
Agnis Lynota Mar 27
I am living
And feeling whole
All while
Being alone
And loving myself
Fully and truly

                                Imagine that
Agnis Lynota Mar 5
I’m tired
Of being
To someone
When I want to be
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