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Sep 3
Take a stand for democracy
When you go to the polls.
Watch out for the shenanigans
Of Right extremist trolls.

Pay attention to candidates'
Records from the past.
Often they will lie and say
Their views have been recast.

Watch out for the ones who cheat,
Pretending to be fair.
Once you vote them in, they will
Devour you in their lair.

Be aware of hypocrites
Who smile but keep their sights
On any tactic they can use
To threaten women’s rights.

Do not vote for those who don’t
Have YOUR interests at heart.
Their loyalties to wealthy donors
Play a giant part.

Vote for those whose messages
Are reasonable and not
For those who let conspiracy theories
Color every thought.

Vote for those who want to keep
Democracy afloat,
And not for those who go all out
To make it harder to vote.

Vote for those who do not condone
Violent measures to gain
Power to toss our democratic
Values down the drain.

Take a stand for democracy;
It needs you more than ever.
When demagogues say, “Vote for me!”
Tell them, “Never! Never!”

-by Bob B (9-3-22)
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
       DENNY R ALLISON and Gideon
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