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Bob B Mar 27
We’re your friendly Republican
Legislators! Yay!
Whether state or federal,
We are here to stay.
We will change the laws to make
Sure that we maintain
All the power that we want;
We won’t let it wane.

We will use all strategies
To get what we desire--
Even if we have to lie,
Hoodwink or conspire.
If we make it hard to vote,
That will help us win,
As we watch opponents fall
Into a tailspin.

If opponents get perchance
More votes, we won’t grieve,
For we have something really quite
Sneaky up our sleeve.
It will be an obstacle
Easy to surmount:
We’ll find devious ways to make
Opponents' votes not count.

If you look into our eyes
And see we have no soul,
That’s okay ‘cause all we want
Are power and control.
If sacrificing democratic
Values in order to keep
Our power and authority,
We don't give a (bleep).

-by Bob B (3-26-21)
Mar 7 · 32
Bloody Sunday
Bob B Mar 7
For what occurred on March 7,
There was truly no excuse.
Although the day started out calmly,
Before long all hell broke loose.

The year: 1965.
Selma, Alabama: the place.
Six hundred marchers for freedom
And state troopers stood face to face.

The goal of the marchers was a demand
For equal rights in the voting booth,
For the tight grip of Jim Crow laws
In America was an ugly truth.

The plan: a peaceful march from Selma
To the Alabama capital, where
They would take their grievances
To the governor. What's fair is fair.

Reaching the Edmund Pettus Bridge--
Named, by the way, after a man
Who'd been a Confederate general
And member of the Ku Klux ****--

The marchers stopped. The state troopers
Told them all to turn around.
However, the marchers, one of whom
Was John Lewis°, stood their ground.

Soon the state troopers advanced,
Wearing gas masks and waving their sticks.
They threw some whips and tubing wrapped
In barbed wire into the mix.

Men, women, and children were beaten.
Blood was flowing; marchers were screaming.
Some of white spectators were
Holding Confederate flags and beaming.

That evening, while millions were watching
"Judgment at Nuremberg" on TV,
The movie was interrupted by scenes
Of the brutal assault for all to see.

The day is known as ****** Sunday--
A day that we should never forget.
And yet today the voting rights
Of people of color are still under threat.

When we restrict the right to vote,
Democracy's up against the wall.
No one is free until ALL are free.
Equal rights means justice for all.

-by Bob B (3-6-21)

°American politician, statesman, and civil rights activist who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1987 until his death in 2020
Mar 5 · 28
Bob B Mar 5
There's a pandemic that still is not
Under control, and what's more,
A suffering economy
And weather extremes cause problems to soar.

And all across the country we have
Republicans supporting a guy
Who incited an insurrection
By pushing what we call the Big Lie.

Millions of people here are in
Desperate financial straits,
Trying to keep their dwellings and cars
And struggling to get some food on their plates.

And yet we have Republicans
In Congress who would rather waste time
Impudently obstructing bills
To help the people. What a crime!

With so much domestic terrorism
Flourishing and voter suppression
On top of everything else, these
"Leaders" have a strange obsession:

They have decided that it is much
More important to worry instead
About some books by Dr. Seuss
And the fate of Mr. Potato Head!

Listen to them scream about
"Cancel culture" as though it's true--
As though an evil plot exists
To ultimately cancel you.

With such legislators making
Decisions, we're in a real mess.
How strange that foolishness turns out being
The true measure of their success!

-by Bob B (3-5-21)
Mar 3 · 32
The Move
Bob B Mar 3
Two men stopped by a Zen temple
To speak with the temple master, who
They hoped would eagerly share with them
His honest and expert point of view.

The first man said, "I think I want
To move to the local town, so please
Tell me what the town is like.
That will put my mind at ease."

The master responded, "Tell ME about
Your current town. How would you rate it?"
"Ugh!" the man replied. "The people
There are mean and hateful. I hate it!"

The master listened calmly, and then
Shaking his head, he said, "It's clear
From what you have been telling me
That you would also hate it here."

The man bowed and left the room.
The second man entered the room and sat.
He also inquired about the town
And the surrounding habitat.

"Tell me about your current town,"
The master said with a smile on his face.
"The people are nice," the man replied.
"It's a truly wonderful place."

"Ah!" the master exclaimed. "Then from
What you're telling me, I can tell
That you without a doubt are going
To love the local town as well."

-by Bob B (3-3-21)

°An old Zen anecdote retold here in verse
Feb 28 · 37
Got My Vaccination
Bob B Feb 28
Think back to a year ago
When we had the chance
To slow a deadly virus down,
But some folks looked askance.
The issue grew political
And then we saw instead
That due to lack of leadership
The virus spread and spread.

I received my vaccination.
Now I feel relief.
We have watched the COVID virus
Cause a lot of grief.
As we all get vaccinated
We will start to see
The benefits around the world
Of herd immunity.

As the virus spreads we notice
Variants arise.
But that is how they work, and so
It should be no surprise.
If we don't act quickly now
The variants might start
Resisting vaccines that we have.
But for now take heart.

I received my vaccination.
Now I feel relief.
We have watched the COVID virus
Cause a lot of grief.
As we all get vaccinated
We will start to see
The benefits around the world
Of herd immunity.

So get your vaccination.
Don't give up the fight.
Make the virus go away
By doing what is right.
A little side effect or two
And maybe a sore arm
Might well lie in store for you,
But no cause for alarm.

I received my vaccination.
Now I feel relief.
We have watched the COVID virus
Cause a lot of grief.
As we all get vaccinated
We will start to see
The benefits around the world
Of herd immunity.

-by Bob B (2-28-19)
Feb 26 · 42
My Tax Returns
Bob B Feb 26
Why does everybody
Always want to see
My tax returns?
If I could have a secret,
It really ought to be
My tax returns.
Inflating values to get your loans:
There is really nothing to it.
Deflating values to lower taxes:
Doesn’t everybody do it?

Why do prosecutors
Want to have in hand
My tax returns?
I don’t think it’s fair
That they can all demand
My tax returns.
When you’re rich, doesn’t that mean
You should get a little break?
I’m in trouble mainly because
I give far less than I take.

I’m being hassled
‘Cause I want to hide
My tax returns.
Judges are stupid
To say I must provide
My tax returns.
If they say I committed fraud,
I’ll say that’s just fake news.
If they try to make me talk,
I will simply refuse!

I know that my fans
Don’t give a hoot about
My tax returns.
I can cheat and they’ll say that’s okay.
Winning means having all the right tools
To maneuver your way around the rules.
I’m *******
Because I have to show

-by Bob B (2-26-21)
Feb 22 · 28
Deep River
Bob B Feb 22
Marian Anderson was called
The "Voice of the Century" back in her time.
But her rise to fame and approval
Certainly wasn't an easy climb.

She knew when she was six years old
And sang in a choir at church that she
Planned to devote her life to music.
A well-trained singer was what she'd be.

The Philadelphia Musical
Academy was her glorious dream.
But she was told that "colored people"
Weren't allowed--a recurring theme.

And so she found a voice teacher
And tried to perform wherever she could.
Dance halls were a popular venue
Throughout the Harlem neighborhood.

When her New York Town Hall debut
Bombed as critics picked her apart,
In 1927 she sailed
To Europe, where she could polish her art.

Her time in Sweden, Germany,
Paris and London was time well spent.
Having developed her artistry,
Anderson triumphed wherever she went.

Germany in the 1930s…
******'s power grab gave her pause.
Anderson was dismayed to hear him
Praise America's Jim Crow laws.

Back to America she sailed,
Where she would be celebrated.
To packed houses she sang, although
Most of the venues were segregated.

At one moving performance Anderson
Entered the stage and faced the crowd.
Then she turned to the black section
With deep humility and bowed.

In 1939 the plan:
A concert at Constitution Hall.
However, the DAR° refused
To let her perform. Another wall.

She gave a concert instead on the steps
Of the Lincoln Memorial to powerful raves.
A giant crowd attended. Her voice
Was also transmitted on radio waves.

In 1950 Anderson married
Orpheus Fisher. Unusual name.
Way back when she was starting out,
Orpheus had been her old flame.

In 1955 the Met°°
Broke the color bar. That year
Anderson sang in an opera--
For some the capstone of her career.

In '63 once again
Marian Anderson broadened her scope
And sang at the March on Washington.
She refused to give up hope.

She died at the age of ninety-six.
For many years the world was blessed
With having this diva, who knew first-hand
What it was like to be oppressed.

Her rich, expressive, contralto voice
Had a vibrant, velvety sound.
She sang with beauty and poise and grace.
No wonder she was so renowned!

Listen to her sing "Deep River."
Note her phrasing, her voice control.
How can you hear her and not feel her voice
Penetrate your very soul?

-by Bob B (2-22-21)

°Daughters of the American Revolution
°°The New York Metropolitan Opera
Bob B Feb 20

So if you're a U.S. Senator
And your state is besieged by cold,
Extreme weather, putting the state
In a catastrophic stranglehold,

With power outages, houses flooding
From bursting pipes, people dying,
Shortages of food and supplies--
The situation terrifying--

How do you help your constituents?
How do you show them that you are in tune
With all their pain and misery?
I know: why not fly to Cancún?

Ask Ted Cruz. That's what he did.
He did it for his kids, he said.
Why suffer here when he could
Play on a Mexican beach instead?

Actually, he cut his trip short,
And flew back home earlier than planned,
Only because he'd gotten caught
And had to leave the sun and sand.

Cruz reveals how little he cares
About the people and dodges attacks.
In a crisis, leadership matters.
And that is something the Senator lacks.

-by Bob B (2-19-21)


(This poem can be sung to the melody of the song "Fly Me to the Moon" by Bart Howard.)

Fly me to Cancún
So I can play upon the sand.
Let me get away from Texas.
Cold I can't withstand.
I want to play…in the sun.
I want to play….Who will miss me?

People in my state
Should understand what it's about.
I don't think the government
Should have to bail you out.
Just blame the Dems; they're the cause.
Yeah, blame the Dems, and their laws.

Anyone who wants
To leave can do it if they choose.
I am being attacked
Just because my name's Ted Cruz.
Some people say I'm not fair.
In simple words…
In simple words
I don't care.

-by Bob B (2-19-21)
Feb 18 · 33
Bob B Feb 18
He died at seventy years of age;
His words had poisoned a nation.
Much of what he ranted about
Was total fabrication.

White identity politics:
He set a blueprint for that.
And when he criticized liberals,
He upped the thermostat.

Race-baiting for him was certainly
Par for the course.
Constant attack was his strategy,
With no hint of remorse.

Being politically INcorrect
To show his point of view
And crossing the line of propriety
Were what he loved to do.

True he had his loyal fans
Who would never condemn
His bigotry and conspiracy theories.
What is wrong with them?

The Capitol insurrectionists,
Naturally, he'd spout,
Were NOT thugs, but patriots!
Figure that one out.

When giving him the Medal of Freedom
Despite his divisive ways,
Trump insulted all the people
Truly deserving of praise.

There are some who’ll jump for joy,
Knowing that Rush is gone.
But sadly all his vitriol
Continues to live on.

-by Bob B (2-18-21)
Feb 17 · 24
A Painful Remembrance
Bob B Feb 17
On Valentine’s Day three years ago
A high school shooting shook the nation.
Seventeen lives were taken in Parkland,
Florida, an indication

That something is wrong--terribly wrong--
In what has been called "the land of the free,"
Where easy access to weapons of war
Led to this brutal killing spree.

Each year after the deadly occurrence,
People meet to remember and pray,
While those directly affected by
The shooting suffer day after day.

Parents, siblings, relatives, and friends--
Before that nightmare--never expected
For loved ones to have to experience
The horror to which they'd been subjected.

And yet there are some people who call
The shootings in Parkland a "false flag."
Tell that to parents of kid after kid
Who left the school in a body bag!

That too many lives are lost in deadly
Shootings here is a bone-chilling fact.
We MUST do more than merely remember
The lives that were lost. We must act!

-by Bob B (2-17-21)
Bob B Feb 12
This is the tale of a woman;
Ashli Babbitt's her name.
She lost her life by becoming
Involved in a dangerous game.

She'd spent some time in the Air Force--
Fourteen dutiful years.
Later she worked with her family.
Then something snapped, it appears.

Her social media postings
Showed her recent romance
With crazy conspiracy theories
And an anti-immigrant stance.

Trump's deceitful distortions
Were something to which she held fast.
Her trip to the Capitol Building
Would end up being her last.

So say good-bye to Ashli.
What a sad reason to die!--
All for having supported
A president's giant lie.

When she arrived at the building,
She probably thought, "What the heck?"
And broke in with the mob
With a Trump flag 'round her neck.

A plan to take back the country
Was how the event was billed.
Instead it was a coup,
And Ashli was shot and killed.

Some people call her a martyr;
Some people call her a saint.
But most people here will tell you
That those are two things she ain't.

When we bow down to tyrants
Who break the existing rules,
We demonstrate the danger
Of fools being led by fools.

So say good-bye to Ashli.
What a sad reason to die!--
All for having supported
A president's giant lie…
All for having supported
A president's giant lie.

-by Bob B (2-12-21)
Feb 11 · 25
Whiteness in America
Bob B Feb 11
I have a hard time understanding
This whole thing about being white
And what makes being white so special.
I CAN'T comprehend it, try as I might.

"Special" here means using “whiteness”
To hold others down with unfair laws
Or other discriminatory treatment--
Injustice that should give all people pause.

I am of northern European
Background. That is just who I am.
But if my forebears had come from Mars,
Frankly, I wouldn't give a ****.

I must accept myself--that’s true--
To be who I am, but I'll come clean:
I'd be content to be any color--
Black, white, or in between.

Privileges that come with being
White for many are in effect
Exactly what those very same people
Fear losing and choose to protect.

What a shame that is! To me
It absolutely makes no sense
To keep your sense of privilege
And do so at someone else's expense.

If only we could find a way
To make such treatment disappear!
Life could be so much more
Harmonious here on this earthly sphere.

Be who you are, but learn to appreciate
Others for who they happen to be.
Walk in their shoes, live in their skin,
Hear what they hear, see what they see.

White, brown, black…whatever.
Let's unite as people--as one.
NOT other people, but false pride
And prejudice are what we should shun.

-by Bob B (2-10-21)
Bob B Feb 9
Do not live for tomorrow.
Try to discover how
To cherish every moment--
To live in the here and now.

Appreciate your loved ones.
Let their lives express
A deep connection to
Your inner consciousness.

Be sensible, though.
Don’t squander away
That which gives you a sense of
Security today.

Make the best of every
Moment, whether it be
One that’s filled with sadness,
Or one that’s filled with glee.

When your time is up--
Something you can’t forestall--
It would be sad to find out
That you never lived at all.

-by Bob B (2-8-21)
Feb 6 · 35
Your Re-imagined GOP
Bob B Feb 6
Hey, come join us. Be a part
Of what our Party has come to be:
The re-imagined, highly unorthodox,
Radicalized GOP.

Proud Boys and other radical groups,
Step on up; display your charms.
You have found a home with us;
We welcome you with open arms.

White supremacists, don't worry:
The GOP won't shy away
From giving you a place where you
Can spew your hate and have your say.

QAnon folks, some of your
Conspiracy theories are right up our alley.
Of course, you'll be expected to
Show up at each Republican rally.

One of our leading goals is to make
It harder and harder for people to vote.
Overturning election results
Is something else that we promote.

If we say Dems are anti-American
And scream "Socialism!" enough,
We can pretend to be patriots
And dare the Left to call our bluff.

Facts are not important to us
As long as we can be in control.
Equality and justice both
Play for us a minor role.

We don’t care how wacky you are;
We just rely on your total support.
The key words that guide us now
Are "loyalty," "gaslight," "distract," and "distort."

Of course, we yell out "Unity!"
With fingers crossed behind our backs.
Power is where it's at, and we
Thrive on power to the max.

When it comes to rules, flout them--
Unless they serve your needs at the time.
The end will justify the means.
Not to believe that would be a crime.

The obstacles to achieving power
Are certainly NOT insurmountable.
We like accountability,
As long as you don't hold us accountable.

If probity is not an issue,
You are going to like what you see:
The re-imagined, highly unorthodox,
Radicalized GOP.

-by Bob B (2-6-21)
Bob B Jan 30
How could it happen? How could it be
That Marjorie Taylor Greene
Became a member of Congress? She's
The Capitol QAnon Queen.

She said that the Parkland shootings were
A false flag and swore
That laser beams from outer space
Caused wildfires! There's more:

She advocated that violent acts
Be directed toward
Members of Congress. Such offenses
Shouldn't be ignored.

Hilary murdered babies, she said.
How could anyone
Take Greene seriously after
All the tales she's spun?

When racists hear her rants, they all
Swarm around her like flies
Attracted to something I'd rather not
Have to verbalize.

Her anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic
Hate speech abounds.
One wonders how a person could be
As crazy as she sounds.

Greene has given support to the myth
That Trump really won the election.
Her vitriol also helped to incite
The Capitol insurrection.

Many Republicans in Congress
Bury their heads in the sand,
Ignoring the danger that she poses.
Things are way out of hand.

Strange ideas are out there, granted,
But what could be more obscene
Than to have as a member of Congress
A Capitol QAnon Queen?

-by Bob B (1-30-21)
Bob B Jan 29
Maisha Oni Muhammad-Brinkley
In Dallas, Texas, worked her magic
As a respiratory therapist
Until, sadly, her life turned tragic.

Also known as the Breathing Lady,
Maisha became her patients' friend.
Her sweet smile and compassionate heart
Accompanied her until the end.

Last September, Maisha grew sick,
Having contracted COVID-19
Just a few months before
She'd have access to a vaccine.

The forty-three-year-old mother of four
Needed to be hospitalized
And placed on a ventilator.
The seriousness couldn't be minimized.

Commitment to excellence had always been
Her motivation. Now she depended
On help from others to fight the virus,
Since her life had been upended.

November 18 arrived--the day
The loving wife and mother died.
Her husband of twenty-four years was able
To be there sitting by her side.

So when you're feeling tired of the virus
And let down your guard, you will find
That YOUR life AND the lives of OTHERS
Could be at risk. Bear that in mind.

-by Bob B (1-29-21)
Bob B Jan 28
It's incomprehensible
What some people choose to believe.
And also extremely worrisome.
Maybe I’m a bit naïve,

But goodness gracious! I thought we
Human beings had progressed
Intellectually, but now
I am starting to feel depressed.

Deep state elites harvesting
Chemicals from babies’ blood…
A virus caused by the 5G network…
Do people really believe that crud?

That massive voter fraud had helped
President Biden to win the election…
That microchips have been implanted
In your COVID vaccine injection…

That COVID was intentional,
Created in a lab…That’s mad!
That the assault on the Capitol
Was staged to make Trump look bad…

It’s almost as though reason and madness
Are balancing on a teeter-totter.
What's happening to rational thought?
Is "crazy” in the drinking water?

-by Bob B (1-28-21)
Jan 27 · 28
What a Relief!
Bob B Jan 27
Oh, how wonderful it is
To have an adult in the White House again!
What a relief to have a leader
Who hires competent women and men--

Who doesn't give the lunatic fringe
Attention it so badly desires--
Whose comments on events are not
White supremacist pacifiers--

Who's honest with the public and
Isn't Putin's groveling flunky--
Who's an adherent of science and facts
And NOT a conspiracy theory ******!

How great it is to have a leader
Who doesn't thrive on corrupt connections--
Who doesn't stir up mobs to commit
Anti-government insurrections--

Who doesn’t debase the Constitution--
Who tries with all his heart to bring
Compassion into the White House and doesn't
Rule the country as though he were king!

How cool to have a president
Who is going to be on the level
And who will have supporters who won't
Have to sell their souls to the Devil!

The task that lies before us now
Is NOT going to be an easy one.
The past four years have left us with
So much damage to be undone.

-by Bob B (1-27-21)
Bob B Jan 9
In horror we watched as our nation's
Capitol Building was overrun
By wild, angry pro-Trump mobs
On one…six…twenty-one.

Who were these people? you might ask.
Do you really want to know?
It's hard to imagine how people here
Could be so vile and stoop that low.

We could see T-shirts that read
6 - M - W - E.
"Six Million Wasn't Enough"
Is what they say it means, you see.

The number "Six Million"° refers
To the number of Jews whose lives were lost
Back in the 1940s during
The nightmarish Holocaust!

At least one **** wore a T-shirt
That read "Camp Auschwitz." He's a guy
You wouldn't want to bring home to Mother.
I'll give you fifty reasons why.

Some stormed through the halls of Congress
Waving Confederate flags. How telling!
Others were members of white militias,
Running through the building and yelling.

Others involved were QAnon people
Who have nothing better to do
Than think up bizarre conspiracy theories
And then pretend that the nonsense is true.

Members of the KKK
Also showed up there to endorse
The president. But who is shocked?
That is merely par for the course.

One thing that united them all
Was how they swallowed the president's lies.
After he fired them up at a rally,
Their wild behavior was not a surprise.

Trump says these are patriots!
Patriots? If such a display
Shows patriotism, then Trump is growing
More delusional every day.

-by Bob B (1-9-21)

°Some estimate that the number was millions more
Bob B Jan 8
Chaos! Mayhem! Destructiveness!
We watched the vile desecration
Occurring in the halls of Congress.
Images rightfully shocked the nation.

The day will live in infamy.
Rioters left their ugly mark--
Their foolish anger having been
Ignited by the president's spark.

Who couldn't see this coming?
The president's vitriol and lies
And wild conspiracy theories appealed
To thugs he wanted to galvanize.

Joining Trump at the pre-riot rally
Were losers such as Giuliani--
Scoundrels who'd do anything
To aid and abet their good friend Donny.

While Congress met to do its job--
To certify the November election--
Trump was exhorting a mob to lead
What was truly an insurrection.

Lives were endangered; lives were lost.
The Capitol Building was left a mess.
But once the dust had settled, Congress
Fulfilled its duty nevertheless.

Will there now be consequences?
Will Trump and his hoodlums get away
With lawless behavior? Hopefully not.
If so, there's going to be hell to pay.

-by Bob B (1-8-21)
Dec 2020 · 36
A New Auld Lang Syne
Bob B Dec 2020
(This poem can be sung to the melody of "Auld Lang Syne.")

It's been a year from hell--one that
We might choose to forget.
Our routine and our very lives
Have been under constant threat.

Let’s raise a glass and give a toast,
For we have reached the end
Of 2020. Will good things
Await us 'round the bend?

A deadly virus spread and still
It takes a heavy toll.
Let's hope the vaccines wipe it out;
That will be the New Year's goal.

Let’s raise a glass and give a toast,
For we have reached the end
Of 2020. Will good things
Await us 'round the bend?

The votes were cast; the people spoke.
Now let's shout out three cheers,
For gone will be the one who gave
Us four nightmarish years.

Let’s raise a glass and give a toast,
For we have reached the end
Of 2020. Will good things
Await us 'round the bend?

-by Bob B (12-31-20)
Bob B Dec 2020
On the first day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
An alternate reality.

On the second day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Two NDAs and an alternate reality.

On the third day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the fourth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the fifth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality

On the sixth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the seventh day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the eighth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Eight super spreaders, seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the ninth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Nine COVID cases, eight super spreaders, seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the tenth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Ten crooked pardons, nine COVID cases, eight super spreaders, seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the eleventh day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Eleven lawyers losing, ten crooked pardons, nine COVID cases, eight super spreaders, seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

On the twelfth day of Christmas the White House gave to me:
Twelve new indictments, eleven lawyers losing, ten crooked pardons, nine COVID cases, eight super spreaders, seven Russians hacking, six childish tantrums, five hundred lies, four racist thugs, three Trump steaks, two NDAs, and an alternate reality.

-by Bob B (12-18-20)
Bob B Dec 2020
(This poem can be sung to the melody of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Al Dubin and Joseph Burke.)

Tiptoe through my tantrums,
Through my tantrums--my reality.
Come tiptoe through my tantrums with me.

Tiptoe through my chaos,
For my chaos is a guarantee
If you stroll through my chaos with me.

If things do not go my way,
I'll try to ruin your day.

Don't try to boss me, double-cross me
Or defy me, if YOU do you'll be
Wrapped up in my chaos with me.

If you don't like what you hear,
That's tough 'cause I won this year!

Do what I tell you
If you don't you'll be up a tree.
So tiptoe through my tantrums with me.

-by Bob B (12-17-20)
Dec 2020 · 41
Advice from Mrs. Claus
Bob B Dec 2020
The time had arrived; the sleigh was packed
With toys, toys, toys galore.
The first of many trips for Santa.
(He knew he'd have to go back for more.)

"Time to go," said Santa to all
The reindeer that were hitched to the sleigh.
"We have a lot of work to do,
So we had best be on our way."

Santa met with resistance, however;
Red-nosed Rudolph refused to budge.
Santa thought to himself, "Humph!
I guess they'll need a little nudge."

Suddenly, Mrs. Claus appeared
With Santa's COVID mask in hand.
Santa mumbled quietly,
"Here comes my reprimand."

"You forgot your mask, my dear,"
Said Mrs. Claus. "Wear it now.
I know you think it is inconvenient,
But carelessness I won't allow."

"Dear," said Santa, "it's just one night.
The mask muffles my '**, **, **.'"
"I don't care if it's ONE minute;
Put it on before you go,"

Said Mrs. Claus, growing impatient.
"You wear your mask not just for you;
You also protect others. It's
A wise and considerate thing to do.

"And, Rudolph, make sure he leaves it on.
For if he removes it, there will be
Some trouble here when he comes home,
For he will have to reckon with me."

So Santa kissed his wife good-bye,
Put on his mask, and off he went,
Knowing that in life there were
Precautions one shouldn't circumvent.

-by Bob B (12-16-20)
Dec 2020 · 56
The Jig Is Up
Bob B Dec 2020
Poor Trump is trying hard
To cover up his deep dejection.
He's attempting to overturn
The results of the presidential election.

Strange, bizarre conspiracy theories
Perpetuated by the Trumps
Are being spread like wildfire
And talk of massive ballot dumps.

Trump sounds like a mad King George
Or a crazed King Lear, losing his mind.
Any semblance of rational thought
In him is getting harder to find.

Frivolous lawsuits of voter fraud
From Giuliani's bag of tricks
Show that they're throwing whatever they can
At the wall in hopes that something sticks.

Sadly, they are undermining
Democracy with such crazy schemes.
They look even more pathetic
By going to such outrageous extremes.

Americans have voted and now
Await with hope a bright new dawn.
The jig is up. The game is over.
Mr. Trump, it's time to move on.

-by Bob B (12-1-20)
Nov 2020 · 41
A Quiet Thanksgiving
Bob B Nov 2020
It's going to be a quiet Thanksgiving.
But that's all right--that's okay.
Caution now means better chances
Of seeing a future Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, it's sad that COVID-19
Happens to be our current reality.
But hopefully within a year,
We will see a return to normality.

Now with COVID numbers rising
And hospitals filling, it's getting scary.
To get the pandemic under control,
A bit of prudence is necessary.

There can still be turkey roasting,
Gravy simmering, potatoes boiling,
And homemade pumpkin pie beckoning…
And I'll be in the kitchen toiling.

The situation's not ideal,
But we'll get through this; we'll make do,
FaceTiming our family
And having Thanksgiving dinner for two.

-by Bob B (11-22-20)
Nov 2020 · 42
What It's Really About
Bob B Nov 2020
THIS poem is not about Trump.
It's not about his rise and fall.
It’s not about his constant lying.
It’s not about his fantasy wall.

It’s not about understanding
The reasons people still support him.
It’s not about the unscrupulous
Members of Congress who still court him.

It’s not about his insidious
Attempts to challenge a fair election.
It’s not about the insecure
Manner in which he handles rejection.

It’s not about his passion for
Conspiracy theories and made-up "facts."
It’s not about the far-right extremists
And crazy fringe groups he attracts.

It’s not about how he took
A great nation and in four years
Tore it apart and left it in shambles
And then whined, expecting cheers.

It’s not about his overwhelming
Hypocrisy and how he became--
Because of his moral bankruptcy--
Someone who sullied his very own name.

It’s not about his nepotism,
Corruption, cover-ups, or affairs,
Or how he cares LESS about us
And MORE about his stock market shares.

It’s not about how he mishandled
A deadly pandemic--par for the course--
By listening to quacks and ignoring the experts,
And as people died, he showed no remorse.

What the poem's about is when
Conspiracy theories lose their appeal,
Then and only at that time
Will the nation be able to heal.

-by Bob B (11-18-20)
Nov 2020 · 46
A Cornered Rat
Bob B Nov 2020
Back a rat into a corner
And you will find without a doubt
That it becomes surprisingly vicious
As it angrily lashes out.

So if that is your plan of attack,
Heed the warning: be prepared!
Be sure you have the tools you need;
And, above all, don’t be scared.

The best thing to do would be
To stop the problems before they begin.
Be certain that your house is secure
So that no rats can find their way in.

Check the foundation; walk around
And fix whatever the structure lacks.
Don't let the vermin sneak inside
By making **** sure there aren't any cracks.

You can put your house in order.
Consider how much you will have gained.
But don't forget to be vigilant:
A dwelling has to be maintained.

A strong, secure house is the best
Protection against dangerous pests.
Then you can live in relative peace.
At least that is what wisdom suggests.

-by Bob B (11-9-20)
Nov 2020 · 43
Good-bye, Donald!
Bob B Nov 2020
(This poem can be sung to the tune of Jerry Herman's song "Hello, Dolly!")

Good-bye, Donald!
Yes, good-bye, Donald.
You are going to have to leave the White House soon.
And when you leave, Donald,
Do not grieve, Donald.
For you all right, the timing might
Be inopportune.
We always knew, Donald.
It's so true, Donald.
You were never qualified to lead this land.
You made a mess, Donald--
Caused nothing but distress, Donald.
That is one thing we'll never understand.

Good-bye, Donald!
Time is nigh, Donald.
Will you now return to what you did before?
Whom will you scam, Donald,
As you scram, Donald?
Perhaps you think you're in the pink,
But we're keeping score.
Hey, outside your gate there,
Agents now wait there.
So what happens next there's no way to foretell.
One thing we know, Donald:
You have now got to go, Donald.
Will you be tweeting from a prison cell?

-by Bob B (11-7-20)
Oct 2020 · 51
The Other Guy
Bob B Oct 2020
If you favor a leader who's
An autocrat wannabe;
If locking kids at the border in cages
Is your cup of tea;

If constantly being lied to doesn't
Bother you at all;
If you like a leader who says,
To hell with protocol;

If you think a president should
Surround himself with crooks
And you can't see that he's much more
Dangerous than he looks;

If you don't mind that you are being
Taken for a ride
By someone who's a con man who
Has far too much to hide;

If it's quite okay when someone
Says his words aren't his,
Or says he's not a racist, although
Racists think he is;

If it's fine that leaders don't
Care whom they degrade,
Or will not be responsible
For the mess they've made;

If you admire a president
Who cheated on all three wives,
Or lied about a pandemic that
Has taken many lives;

If you like a leader who
Rants and raves nonstop
And goes all out to help the wealthy
People at the top;

If you approve of a leader who feels
That beggars can't be choosers,
Or one who's called our fallen soldiers
Both suckers and losers;

If you favor an American
President who incites
People to violence and steps
On our hard-earned rights;

Then vote for the one who, in time,
Will leave you high and dry.
I am happy to say my vote
Will go to the other guy.

-by Bob B (10-31-20)
Oct 2020 · 49
Stifling Our Voices
Bob B Oct 2020
All over America
Injustices are rapidly mounting
As Trumplicans keep looking for ways
To keep every vote from counting.

Democracy is under attack.
What's more, this ugly ballot rejection
Is shamefully occurring right
Smack in the middle of our election!

Early voting has already started,
And yet they continue to change the rules,
Claiming possible voter fraud.
Deception's one of their devious tools.

Throwing out ballots due to petty
Issues is one of their favorite ploys.
Limiting mail-in ballots is
Also a scheme that adds to their joys.

Crippling the U.S. postal system:
Another strategy that will be
Making their efforts to throw out votes
A self-fulfilling prophecy.

The unfair tactics hit minority
Communities especially hard
By limiting opportunities.
Another reason to be on our guard.

And then we have a president
Constantly misleading his base.
He lies about the current system
Of voting and does it with a straight face!

And all of this voter suppression occurs
While a COVID pandemic rages.
We have observed a chipping away
Of democratic values in stages.

How sad it is, America,
That what's going on truly appears
To brazenly discredit a system
That's worked quite well for many years!

-by Bob B (10-30-20)
Bob B Oct 2020
Hey! Coronavirus here.
Again, please call me Mr. C.
I am planning to hang around
And be your holiday VIP.

You know how I like big crowds,
And this, I say, is worth repeating:
Halloween is finally here,
And I'll be out there trick-or-treating.

It really disappoints me when
People impose gathering bans.
The president appears to be
One of my most supportive fans.

I've already visited
The White House grounds. An easy task--
Mainly because I love it when
People do not wear a mask.

I get around quite easily;
Misinformation helps me thrive.
Notice that I'm breaking records.
Aww, come on and give me five.

Some think that denying my presence
Will stop me from seeking out my hosts.
That's about as effective as
Building bonfires to ward off ghosts.

If you don't bump into me
On All Saints' Eve, or Halloween,
Other holidays soon follow.
I CAN'T resist a party scene.

Excuse me, but I have to go;
I have a lot of work to do.
Maybe I'll see you on Halloween night
When I sneak up and shout out, "Boo!"

-by Bob B (10-29-20)
Oct 2020 · 38
Do Not Tell Me
Bob B Oct 2020
A message to the POTUS...

Do not tell me while thousands of people
Are dying each week, that you see an end
To what has been a devastating
Pandemic. What? We're rounding the bend?

Do not tell me that just because
You survived COVID-19
With mild symptoms, that you have the right
To push your propaganda machine.

Do not tell me how much you care
About the American people when
All your super-spreader events
Endanger lives again and again.

Do not tell me how proud you are
Of all you've done to fight the virus.
The people know the truth of the matter,
And all of your lies continue to tire us.

Do not tell me that you know more
Than credible experts and choose instead
To listen to someone who spoke on Fox News,
Merely because you liked what he said.

Do not tell me that you can't see
The damage you've done by failing to act.
All your efforts to hide the truth
Exacerbated the danger, in fact.

Do not tell me that I should be willing
To risk my life and then wish me well--
That I'll help save the economy.
Frankly, you can go to hell.

-by Bob B (10-27-20)
Oct 2020 · 810
Vote! Vote! Vote!
Bob B Oct 2020
If you think we're headed in
The wrong direction and wish to restore
Your trust in the country because you don't
Recognize it anymore,

If you think our current "leader"
Has ruined the country and defiled
The office of the presidency
And acts like a spoiled child,

If truth and facts are meaningful
And you find it mystifying
How so many people can
Defend a president's constant lying,

If you believe in the urgency
Of choosing a person to be the one
Who could undo the damage that
The current president has done,

If you're tired of the status quo
And want to see someone defeat
A paranoid narcissist
Who spreads his poison tweet by tweet,

If you fear a dismal future,
To save this nation, you have a choice:
As if your life depends on it,
Let your ballot be your voice.

-by Bob B (10-26-20)
Oct 2020 · 51
Child Abuse
Bob B Oct 2020
Policies have repercussions.
Take family separation--
A policy that's practiced by
The Donald Trump administration.

We separated families
Here in the good ol' USA
As a form of punishment
For refuge seekers wanting to stay.

After two and a half years,
Eleven hundred kids remain
Separated from their parents!
Such a practice is insane!

While the government's explanations
Have been untruthful, vague, and distorted,
Five hundred forty-five
Of the kids' parents have been deported.

Lawyers have been seeking the parents.
Imagine the effort the search would entail.
Up to now the monumental
Task has been to no avail.

Separation is bad enough.
But with inadequate record-keeping?
We've sown the seeds of heartlessness;
Look at what we now are reaping.

The policy has been a disaster.
Who could not describe it thus?
Such an ugly picture it paints;
And what does such cruelty say about us?

One could look for an ounce of compassion
Within Trump's heart, but it's no use.
What we've seen is basically
Government-sanctioned child abuse.

-by Bob B (10-21-20)
Oct 2020 · 46
Character SHOULD Count
Bob B Oct 2020
Irony of ironies.
Tell me: have you taken a peek
At Donald Trump's proclamation--
The one for Character Counts Week?

It refers to integrity
And personal responsibility.
It emphasizes honor and virtue,
Moral character, love, and civility--

All wonderful qualities.
But something here just doesn't fit:
The proclamation clearly drives home
The fact that he's a hypocrite.

He speaks of compassion and understanding
And acts as though he's standing beside us.
However, instead of uniting us,
His vitriol and lies divide us.

His hatefulness has caused so much
Suffering, both here and abroad.
It doesn't take a lot of effort
To recognize that he's a fraud.

The words of the proclamation are fine
And point out worthy aspirations--
That grateful hearts will serve as a "beacon
Of hope for future generations."

But how can anybody trust him?
He can woo us with flowery speeches,
But we can see that HERE Donald Trump
Doesn't practice what he preaches.

-by Bob B (10-19-20)
Oct 2020 · 36
Pandemic Fatigue
Bob B Oct 2020
COVID-19 hasn't left us.
In fact, it's becoming major league
As people grow weary of taking precautions
And slowly give in to pandemic fatigue.

It doesn't help when misinformation
Spreads as rapidly as the disease.
The virus doesn't sing just one song;
Over and over it sings a reprise.

It also doesn't help when people--
Especially when presidents--
Fail to heed the warnings and keep
Having super-spreader events.

Granted, humans are social beings.
But sadly we will pay the price
If our myopia keeps us from making
A necessary sacrifice.

You could get the virus and be
One of the lucky ones. It's true.
Mild symptoms could possibly be
The worst thing that happens to you.

Or you could have a full-fledged case
That could come with a large price tag
As you succumb to the illness and leave
The hospital in a body bag.

Even when there are mild cases,
There have been revelations
That in the future people could have
Unexpected complications.

Listen to the experts out there
And not to distracting words of the quacks.
By following simple measures we
Can stop the virus in its tracks.

Let's not fall into the trap
And think that the dangers are overblown.
The life you save by being careful
Might not merely be your own.

-by Bob B (10-18-20)
Oct 2020 · 37
Praise Be...or Else
Bob B Oct 2020
So, Amy Coney Barrett,
As Trump's newest recruit
To sit on America's highest court,
"Blessed be the Fruit."°

You shine through the Republicans'
Hypocrisy, and we
Must bite our tongues as we are forced
To answer with "Praise be."°

Your past opinions show how you
Could easily undermine
Individual rights, for there
Is SO much on the line.

Clear responses to the senators'
Questions were so sparse
That your confirmation hearing
Was a total farce.

It's also very obvious
That your suspicious connections
Will throw into question our
Free and fair elections.

The illusion of majority rule
Is slowly being eroded,
As justice for Americans
Has become corroded.

How long until there's pressure to
Replace the word "Goodbye"
With the cold and threatening
Expression "Under His eye"?°

-by Bob B (10-16-20)

°Sayings used in the dystopian society of "The Handmaid's Tale"
Oct 2020 · 50
Dodging Decorum
Bob B Oct 2020
I never used to swear that much.
Really. But things have changed.
It's hard to keep from doing it when
One's president is deranged.

His constant tweets are maddening.
I really have to admit
That when I read them, I say he's full of
A word that rhymes with "spit."

To watch his reckless and smug demeanor
Makes me rather sick.
I can't help thinking he acts just like
A word that rhymes with "trick."

When I'm really incensed and feel
He's acting like a schmuck,
Before I can stop it, a word slips out--
A word that rhymes with "duck."

As I watch him destroy this country,
A phrase emerges, which
Starts with the word "son" and ends
With a word that rhymes with "twitch."

When he lies, my sense of decorum
Is difficult to sustain,
And I cannot refrain from taking
A certain name in vain.

When I've lost it, I say that he's--
And I am totally frank--
A blankety-blank, blankety-blanking
Blankety blankety blank.

I know that losing one's cool is not
Behavior considered sublime,
But what the heck? The president
Cusses all the time.

-by Bob B (10-15-20)
Oct 2020 · 37
Deadly Rallies
Bob B Oct 2020
Typhoid Trump. How he loves
His super-spreaders! Yes, siree!
All the attention from cheering fans
Fills his hungry heart with glee.

Heaven forbid he wear his mask,
Even though he's been infected
With COVID-19. He doesn't care
If most of the crowd is unprotected.

His Florida friend Ron DeSantis
Saunters past the crowded rows
Of fans, high-fiving them.
Afterwards, he wipes his nose!

While experts want to contain the virus,
Trump's theory is let it spread.
His virus-spreading ego trip
Has him dancing over the dead.

At rallies all over, the president's team
Support his notion of "herd mentality"°
And speak to unprotected crowds.
What a peculiar sense of reality!

Giuliani says people don't
Die from COVID anymore.
Really? Seven hundred people
Died that day. Numbers soar.

Ironically, Pence asks the crowd
At a rally for the president
To applaud first responders! What?
While at a super-spreader event?

What an odd relationship
Between Trump and his promoters!
It's almost as if the Trump campaign
Is trying to **** its very own voters.

-by Bob B (10-14-20)

°Trump meant "herd immunity."
Oct 2020 · 39
Reinventing the Swamp
Bob B Oct 2020
Are you perchance a favor-seeker?
Come on in and join the scores
Of those who want a favor from Trump.
You scratch his back; he'll scratch yours.

Looking for a federal contract?
Wear a MAGA baseball cap
And patronize the president.
See what suddenly lands in your lap.

Perhaps you want an ambassadorship
Or some sort of advisory role.
If so, then be a loyal donor
And maybe you'll achieve your goal.

One day you might need a favor.
If you and Trump are somehow aligned,
He will gladly come to your aid
In case you have a pardon in mind.

You'll gain from your relationship,
And Trump will gain from your support
As you pour hundreds of thousands of dollars
Into a Trump hotel or resort.

What do you need? Laws, funding,
Land, appointments, or maybe directives?
Just send money in Trump's direction
And you can easily meet your objectives.

Is it a myth that he's a successful
Businessman--one of those bosses
Who shine in the business world? If so,
Then why is he constantly racking up losses?

Ah, but Trump has found a way
To redefine the expression "to drain."
In HIS case it means to use
The Office for financial gain.

His promise was to "drain the swamp."
At least, that's how he tried to present it.
But has he really? Not at all.
All he's done is reinvent it.

-by Bob B (10-12-20)
Bob B Oct 2020
(This poem can be sung to the melody of "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.)

D.T. from the White House balcony:

"To all my fans here, I want to say
That I need all your help and support
If I'm going to survive this outrageous ordeal.
It isn't easy.
Enemies want me to fail--yes, that's true.
Only my loyal supporters
Have known what they all have to do.

"For me to keep my power, I had to play.
There were things that I had to distort
To protect all I had and to make me seem real.
I had a mission.
I had to show you that I would come through--
That my people are number one--
While I"--sniff--"am just number two.

"Bow down to me, o my people.
You know I don't want to leave you.
The bonds we have here
Are hard to sever.
If you will let me,
I'll rule forever.

"Regarding experts, I have my own.
I listen to those who will spout
All the words and ideas to which I subscribe.
If they defy me.
I will see they're brought down, yes, for suffer they will.
Especially all of my friends
Who fear me on Capitol Hill.

"Bow down to me, o my people.
You know I don't want to leave you.
The bonds we have here
Are hard to sever.
If you will let me,
I'll rule forever.

"Since you're standing here,
There is something I am sure that you can all see:
All the talk out there about my super spreaders
In no way worries me."

-by Bob B (10-10-20)
Bob B Oct 2020
The president stood before the mic
And told the public not to fear--
That things were not so bad--but didn't
Say that he was insincere.

He let them think that oh, we have
COVID-19 under control,
As he tried to convince the public
To follow him down the rabbit hole.

He found a doctor who was not
An epidemiologist
To spread his propaganda, and he
Allowed the experts to be dismissed.

He thoughtlessly invited his fans
To rallies where masks were not required
And thought his obstinacy and his
Insouciance made him highly admired.

He scorned those who wore their masks
And knew the virus was a threat,
And when journalists pressed him about
The issue, he'd become upset.

Thinking he knew so much more
Than all of the experts, he made sure
That CDC recommendations
Would soften and remain obscure.

All of a sudden, what do we learn?
The president is hospitalized
For having contracted COVID-19.
Is anybody at all surprised?

The lesson here: denial does not
Make problems disappear on their own.
Always consider consequences,
For we will reap what we have sown.

Negligence as a strategy
Slowly but surely gives danger a boost
When our actions catch up with us--
When the chickens come home to roost.

-by Bob B (10-4-20)
Sep 2020 · 43
Here and Beyond
Bob B Sep 2020
We humans love to speculate,
And many have contended
That they are certain what happens after
Their current life has ended.

Some people think we'll find our reward,
And we'll forever dwell
In paradise, unless we go
The other direction--to hell.

Some believe in purgatory--
A type of stop-off station.
In order to proceed we must
Undergo purgation.

Some insist that we return
To Earth as another being--
That each person's past lives have
Shaped the person we're seeing.

Some might call it consciousness
That undergoes a rebirth.
Others say that heaven and hell
Both exist on Earth.

Some trust that our spirit continues
To live in a type of suspension
Until we can be freed from that
Parallel dimension.

Some people feel that we will all
Cross to the "other Shore,"
Returning to the essence of what
We were once before.

Some conclude that this is it,
So live life while you can,
For we are just a part of Nature's
Vast, infinite plan.

We can believe whatever we want.
That's fine, I suppose.
But what happens after this life ends?
Frankly, no one knows.

-by Bob B (9-28-20)
Sep 2020 · 45
Continue to Weep, America
Bob B Sep 2020
Continue to weep, America.
Our days of glory appear to have passed.
In the eyes of other countries our once-
Respected status is dwindling fast.

Certainly, we were never perfect;
However, despite our many flaws,
At least our former presidents
Cared about us and honored our laws.

What has happened, America?
What has gone so horribly wrong?
Was our democratic system
Meant to disintegrate all along?

How can democracy be so weak
For a conman to rapidly turn it around
As he destroys our institutions?
Was our foundation so unsound?

Look around, America.
"Land of the free" has become a joke.
Our beautiful and "spacious skies"
Are now filled with ashes and smoke.

"Sweet land of liberty"? No, no more.
Come to seek asylum and you
Will end up being thrown in a cage
Or turned away with a callous "Adieu!"

Look through the lies, America,
That flow down from the one at the top--
From him who demands daily attention
To spread his dangerous agitprop,

Which is backed by his cohorts in Congress.
Shame on all of them. Shame! Shame!
They've sacrificed their integrity
To support the One-Whom-We-Mustn't-Name.

Perhaps there's hope, America.
Even though the line has been crossed,
Maybe there is a chance that we
Can still regain all that we've lost.

-by Bob B (9-26-20)
Sep 2020 · 63
Bob B Sep 2020
Let's sing a tale of honor and valor,
Of a legal trailblazer who always will be
Etched in our hearts as a fighter for causes
And known as Notorious RBG.

Criticized and sharply rebuked
For taking a "man's spot" at Harvard Law,
She had a legal intellect
And a glowing work ethic that left folks in awe.

Graduating first in her class
From Columbia Law, she would soon learn
That getting a job wouldn't be easy;
And unequal pay was a major concern.

The fearless fighter wouldn't give up.
Bound and determined, she'd do what was right
And struggle for women's equality.
Justice for all was her noble fight.

Nobody's put on a pedestal;
Equality means that treatment's the same.
That BOTH men and women have full
Citizenship stature was RBG's aim.

Her friendship with Justice Scalia showed
That politics did not have to divide us--
That we can conquer our disagreements
By letting our heart and wisdom guide us.

Words are important when sending a message.
That is what RBG took to heart.
In facing personal challenges,
Her inner strength played such a great part.

For many years she battled cancer
But never failed to keep up with her work.
Responsibility and duty
Were two things that you didn't shirk.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: how we will miss her!
With sadness and heavy hearts we lament.
How we will miss her carefully thought-out
Rulings as well as her words of dissent!

She died on the eve of Rosh Hashanah
While folks were in the synagogues praying.
They say that righteous people die then.
With RBG, that goes without saying.

Remember this tale of honor and valor,
Of a legal trailblazer who always will be
Etched in our hearts as a fighter for causes:
Supreme Court Justice RBG.

-by Bob B (9-22-20)
Bob B Sep 2020
Moscow Mitch and Lapdog Lindsey
Have given up on democracy
And fully embraced their thirst for power,
Governed by their hypocrisy.

Power over integrity
Seems to be their guiding drive.
They know that underhanded tactics
Help them keep control and thrive.

Lying for them is par for the course.
With the Trump admin that’s paramount.
How many lies has the president told?
For goodness’ sake, we’re losing count.

Having altered the rules to quash
Obama's prudent Supreme Court pick,
Moscow Mitch has once again
Changed the rules. It makes one sick!

Republicans in Congress now
Mainly sing the same foul song:
"To Hell with the Proper Thing to Do;
Make Up the Rules as You Go Along."

Some misguided voters think
McConnell and Graham are on the level.
Those who perceive their repulsive tactics
Say they've sold their souls to the devil.

For many people, the damage being done
Will last for who knows how many years,
As Trump's four years as president
Confirm some of their deepest fears.

-by Bob B (9-21-20)
Sep 2020 · 41
The New Patriotic Ed Plan
Bob B Sep 2020
Friends and students, hear my plan
To combat left-wing indoctrination:
I will sign an order demanding
Patriotic education.

Ah, such music to my ears!
I would say it sounds hypnotic:
Ignoring the facts to focus on myths…
That's what I call "patriotic."

There is no white privilege.
I say Whites are the real oppressed.
I want history books to say
That we have always been the best.

The 1619 Project is out.
If faculties don't follow my rules,
They will hear from me, for I'll
Cut off funding to their schools.

Racial inequality
Has no place in history books.
To me it's toxic propaganda.
Can't you see how bad it looks?

The schools have been cheating our kids.
I think current curricula stink.
Teaching blind allegiance is better
Than teaching children how to think.

I want students everywhere
To hear what I call the REAL truth.
And you'll have the privilege of being
Part of the Trump/****** Youth.

-by Bob B (9-18-20)
Sep 2020 · 42
Bob B Sep 2020
The president has hammered away
Constantly--year after year--
At major attempts to instill in the people
An overwhelming sense of fear.

Asylum seekers and immigrants
Pose a threat--one that's severe--
And terrorists are swarming across
Our border, he's said, instilling fear.

The free press is our enemy,
He's often said, making it clear
That he thinks he can score more points
By making the people live in fear.

The Democrats are after your guns,
He says whenever he has someone's ear,
Trying to make the people more
Insecure by stoking fear.

You in the suburbs had better beware:
The way of life to which you adhere
Is under attack, he says, as riff-raff
Slowly move in. Once again: fear.

Voter fraud is rampant, he says,
Making a non-issue appear
To be a major problem and hoping
To win again through lies and fear.

The Dems are socialists, he says,
Destroying us. Another smear.
He hopes that he can win more votes
By making up stories and stirring up fear.

The Deep State is out to get him,
He says, trying to profiteer
From making himself a martyr and hoping
To add to his base of voters through fear.

And now his people say liberals
Are arming themselves as the election draws near
To wreak havoc in case he wins.
Another unjustifiable fear.

Such are the ways of an autocrat.
If we want to be sincere,
That he could win four more years
Should be our REAL cause of fear.

-by Bob B (9-15-20)
Sep 2020 · 56
Suckers and Losers
Bob B Sep 2020
If you served in the military,
I hope you don't expect to receive
Praise and respect from Donald Trump--
For some, I know it's hard to believe--

If your plane's shot down by your foe
And you become a prisoner of war,
Or if you die on the field of battle.
If so, to Trump, you'll be a bore.

President Bone Spur much prefers
Soldiers who--and this is his thought--
Come home intact from having served
And those, of course, who never got caught.

Visiting a cemetery
To pay respects--to honor the dead--
Is senseless to him, for such a place
Is "filled with losers," the callous man said.

"Suckers" and "losers" are what he calls them--
Those who fought and didn't survive.
To him service and sacrifice
Mean nothing unless you stay alive.

The man is such a hypocrite!
His comments are truly unprecedented.
Do his heartless words reflect
His cruel nature, or is he demented?

-by Bob B (9-4-20)
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