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Jun 2022
Don’t assume ANYTHING about me based on ANYTHING
You don’t know what IM THINKING just by seeing if my face is ******* up or if I look happy.

Don’t assume you know me and don’t tell me

what I think
How I feel
What my motivation or intent is
What I can do
What I cannot do
Who I am
What I am..

You’ll always be wrong.
It will always be abuse.
Because only I can decide or define those things about me to you.
And they can change every second and I am the only person on the planet whose responsibility it is to define them
to decide them, to label them.

You don’t decide
You don’t define
You don’t redefine
You don’t label me
You don’t paste who I am to you
onto my face and then criticize it.

Don’t pin your idea of me on your mind’s wall to throw darts at to evaluate, to devalue, to label as something only you want me to be.

Or as something only you don’t want me to be.

What’s written on your mind’s wall about me isn’t reality.
What I want you to know, I WILL TELL YOU

Your job is to listen
Your job is to understand
Your job is compassion
Your job is not to decide, define, redefine, label, criticize some image of me that only lives in your mind.

Because doing that is a form of emotional abuse, & I won’t tolerate it.
Written by
Melanie  69/F
   The Iron Reaver
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