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Sep 2013
Two lost souls in a fish bowl;
Staring at each other desperately not knowing whether they are meant to be
Trapped in that circular globe,
A circular globe that rains every two weeks,
And the rain is hard enough to replace all the existing water
Adding new milligrams of nothing new;
Just the same characters,
The same water,
The same artificial sea shells that do not belong to the portrait or the background
And surely the same exact lost souls in a fish bowl.
They’re so lost, that each time they try to get out
They cut distances and miles,
Stop talking for a while,
And strike a smile as they see each other moving away;
And as both of them reach their dreams
And destinations not destined to be distinguished by any of them,
They run through a wall they didn’t create,
They run through glass so thin it is a part of their atmosphere
A part of their daily life,
A part of their routine;
Until the day in which they couldn’t live without that wall,
The hedges upon edges of predetermined scenarios.
They swim back,
Two lost souls searching for console
Asking each other questions
Knowing that both of their answers will be satisfying;
Because if I fall you fall with me
And if you don’t I will pull you down,
Down into my phony arms
And tell you that I love you
Over and over and over
Till it becomes all you hear, all you speak
All you see and all you seek
And all that matters
Till your dream shatters
And we go back to what we were
Nothing but two souls
Two lost souls in a fish bowl.
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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