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Sep 2013
There are no little wars,
no little death or destruction.
No little event
filled with lies, deceit, and corruption

There are no good wars,
not for those affected.
The dead, dying, and homeless,
the shell shocked left afflicted.

There are no little lover's spats,
although they all appear to be.
Devastating battles, ego verses ego,
with no one ever set free.

Poised with a finger on the button,
thinking either one has weapons of mass destruction.
They find the ***** in each others armor,
and give their esteems a sharp reduction

Should I stay or should I leave here?
That, is always the question.
Either way the sun will rise
on a battlefield of tension.

And what of million dollar missiles
lobbed upon a question,
while Detroit looks like a warzone,
sorely in need of reconstruction?

*I had a fight with my wife, I wanted to leave. But my battle isn't with her, it's within me.
Should we attack Syria, or should we take that money to rebuild this great nation?
Harrogate, TN September 2013
LD Goodwin
Written by
LD Goodwin  Harrogate, TN
(Harrogate, TN)   
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