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Sep 2021
Warm Grazes
smudge your thumb print
across bated lips

Rolling vapours
Of breath intermingled

Souls reaching for eachother's atmosphere

Beats call out in tandem
Secret Desires wrapped up in eachother's hearts

It was only meant to be an innocent kiss

A hovering of possibilities

One moment of soft mallowed bliss
Timid delving lip tips

A universe of possibilities hung there

Waiting for tasting

But lines had already been drawn
across thier stars

Star crossed
Eyes locked

Aniticipation of realising fantasy

Raging Hopes fade with dawning truthsΒ Β 

And then it hits them
The coming to of senses
Heart breaking reality

A crowded room
Suddenly ****** into
a world of strangers

Along a forbidden path
A loveapple left on the vine

Unplucked and overripe
seeping with the juice of if onlys

Oh, what could have been?

If Eve had been restrained and
Adam a less jealous fool

As a consequence
Sweet lips lay bare
a longing pair

S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
     S Smoothie and Fawn
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