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Aug 2013
The truth is that the Cupid's arrow,
only struck Adam & Eve.
That's how love,
became a deadly disease.

The truth is that compassion doesn't exist.
We've always been deceived.
Tears, lies, betrayal, and blood curling screams.

The truth  is that after death,
life will become a tear-soaked cloth of regrets.
The things you could've done,
and the things you decided to neglect.

The truth is that we're in a competition.
The competition of who's good,
who's bad,
and who's not even worth this emulation.

The truth is that the world,
has run out of enlightenment.
The river of simplicity has run dry,
and the world just wishes for refinement.

The truth is that we're all alone,
at the end of the day.
Filled with grief,
we're standing by the never-ending bay.
Written by
Nas  Dubai
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