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Nas Feb 2014
Isn't it scary
how powerful you are?
Your ability to
smile with
a broken heart,
scarred past,
and a shredded soul.

Yet, you have
the audacity to
look down
and say
you're not
strong enough.
Nas Feb 2014
Do you miss me,
like I miss you?
Will you find someone else
to love?
Or will you look back
and smile,
say it was true?

Do you love me,
like I love you?
The way I'd give up
the world
in return of our
that were so blue.

Do you want me,
like I want you?
The way I smile
at the thought
of us,
being alone,
lying under the moon.

Do you remember me,
like I remember you?
The way I wake up
everyday with surprise
and tears of joy thinking
you'd be here, stupid me,
shedding worthless tears.

Do you hate this distance.
like I do?
The way I cry
day and night,
grasping onto my
last inch of hope before
I lose sanity,
and become cruel.

Do you think about us,
like I do?
The way I look at
other boys and
they were you..
Nas Feb 2014
Untold secrets,
unknown saviors.
Unheld barriers,
unseen failures;
Mysterious behaviors.

Revolutionary creators,
merciless dictators.
Heartless players,
hypocritical traitors;
Misleaded misleaders.
Nas Dec 2013
Glory is when
you kiss her,
and think of

Glory is when
you hold her
and wish it was
Nas Nov 2013
Call it grief,
call it anguish,
call it misery,
call it torment.
But tell me what it is,
at least.

What is it called?
What do you call that feeling when,
you feel like your existence doesn't,
matter to anyone,

What do you call that feeling when,
you feel like striving for that one person,
will lead you to nothing,
but heartbreak?

What do you call that feeling when,
you feel so fragile that,
it seems like everyone you get,
attached to,
will shatter you,
after all..?

What do you call that feeling when,
you feel like you're losing,
the light of hope,
and every breath you take,
is worthless and plagued with misery?

What do you call that feeling,
that you get when you,
are smiling with joy,
but crying from withing?
Nas Sep 2013
Hi there ,Alice.

This world is a nuisance.
The people are ruthless.
The rulers are merciless.
The animals are wild.
The weather is *******.

The sun will burn you.
The moon will scar you.
The angels will guide you.
The devil will destroy you.

The good are non-existent.
The bad are overloaded.
The looks will deceive you.
The wealth will mislead you.

Love will blind you.
Satan will tempt you.
Distance will break you,
and time will end you.

20-08-13, 04.35 AM.
Nas Aug 2013
It takes a smile to hide the pain,
it takes a laugh to shrug it all away.

It takes a shadow to hide the light,
it takes a flame to eliminate your might.

It takes a thought to change your mood,
it takes a memory to make you cruel.

It takes a heart to feel the sorrow,
it takes a pain to make your heart hollow.

It takes a breath to keep you alive,
it takes a second to take your breath away,
and let you die.
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