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Aug 2013
somber song haiku*

early autumn chill
somber toning frogling bass
stars beam silent truth


mid summer hints its end
here too
the night extends in tones
lamenting twilit choke of day--
changeling-hours' ease: a memory
offsetting later dawns

yet deeper chills portend
an autumn's coming tide
of ending-songs

i too am passing
as a haiku's universal scope
of timeless time,
galactic spin within the frogling's utterance,
makes morbid rhythms eyed;
i fear i'm croaking right along this somber bass,
and wonder *is it time? so soon?

envisioning the ancient host of haiku masters
brittle, fade
in unison of tears
or tranquil noddings at the season's cutting
partial circles round the sun

i read
i am the aging frog
by virtue of a poem,
and then it lets me leap!

thanks to indelible Mae for her generosity of craft, wisdom, beauty --and for allowing me to include her poem here!
you are an inspiration :)
vircapio gale
Written by
vircapio gale
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