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Deepsha Oct 2013
Where I live alone and never feel lonely
where I wake up with Jimmy Page pointing his guitar at me
have breakfast with  black and white Floyd watching over me with musical eyes
where a sketched Calvin looks into infinity and inspires me to find meaning
the lexicalized walls remind me of the love I once had
written with the feelings of love I imagine ever having again
that burnt paper hanging under the nails with Frost engraved
reminding me every night of the miles that await my footsteps before I sleep
the shadows of the pink and blue hangings intimately romancing
where the folding walls trap the secret lunacy from times
when a laughing smoke and imagination once fought for existence, and again
and again
I seize from them the mere immortal existence
of the silent memories these walls holler at me
when gone I will be, unveil them with the wind
and the ashes will reach wherever I am
I really
Deepsha Aug 2013
Sparks fly from the flint crushing as you raise your brow
marveling away over which rock you’d rather be
I smile, ponder, then laugh at you, in opted denial
it’s what you've always been, what I control being
a diplomatic ball of ice on flames, with an aura a disarray
is it us portraying them in grayscale, chin hanging in the air
knowing what we know and pretending to not, yet care
queerly scared of change but so sure of getting tired
merging and shattering, perpetually deemed on trial
and then there exists, at the dawn of my memories
your shadow across the bed, lighting up a cigarette
its smoke, my first reminder of your existence
trying to clasp on to the awry black creases on the wall
as they wrap me into the oblivion of your arms
now it seldom melts at the genial contact of your voice
reckon it might not become ******* being choused
the beautiful black creases have dissolved through my fingers
it has been conned to stay stoically un-aroused.
Deepsha Oct 2012
Pearls bleed from the pores of my skin
sparks dance where your fingers touch
the ocean neath my lashes hides in ecstasy
the sun melts in the heat of our familiarity
the mist of my yearning deepens into a ravaging wave
your burning desire surmounts the effect of haoma
a delineation of this moment weakens my knees
I clasp the air and feel the hiemal wind chime
my mind bears a simulacrum of your perfection
exulting in the reminiscence of a beau ideal
when you whisper you will be back soon
my eyes close to annul our distance too defined
turning my heart jocund, my senses sublime.
Deepsha Aug 2012

Years languished passed by like wheels before my eyes
Your betrayal unwrapped and re wrapped and unwrapped
While seconds unsaddled themselves with your memories
A sly jape time cracked at the expense of my quelled soul
Till this day I can't passively inhale without feeling aroused
The smog from your cigarette still lingers neath my nous.

Deepsha Aug 2012
Two sides to where I stand
at the edge of a cubic earth
left, ocean and right, dark, furled
nowhere to go but the two worlds
two choices seem too many
to live with what I decide
unless I'm prepared to sleep
I can't discover the taste of cyanide
I refuse to breathe not being enlightened
so I choose the unknown  prime
by untangling labyrinth I abide
and to my right, I eventually dive.
Deepsha Aug 2012
Staring at every strand of noodle in my plate
as it swirls around my fork
that's the best I can do here
with you, all of you
so pretentious you
so self obsessed you
erasing the thin line between insults and fun
you, the ever so cocksmart, you
waiting for time to pass by
one millisecond at a time
raising my spoon, slowly,
doing injustice to its destiny of fulfilling
the tongues it touches
I can feel it, whole
lowering down my throat, part by part
being pulled down, like me by you
and down it goes
while I play with the next strand around the daunting fork.
Back from a torturous dinner with friends. Only a fraction of my feelings.
Deepsha Aug 2012
I write about love, I hope to understand it someday.
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