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May 12
the cackle of the cattle
fed with lies and hey
as they rally for the battle
though they know they'll rue the day

as they charge with bloodshot eyes
fill the skies with bloodthirst cries
pound the earth with their thunder
as they take to roads to plunder

blind to reason, cries of treason
fill the air with every season
burning fires o' midday summer
winter's cold, deathly slumber

autumn's crimson as blood spilt
flaming hail in spring rainfall
as the sword unleashed from hilt
as the tiger crouched to maul

unified as one body
unified with one intent
unified with colours gaudy
following unnatural bent

eyes fixated, baited breath
saturated with venom'd death
hell-bent on genocide
heedless to fratricide

as an instrument o' ******
hypnotised by call of herder
exhilaration when they hear
'nother corpse added to bier
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Written by
David R  UK
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