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1d · 10
A wink for a nut
David R 1d
"hi there, folks!
that's you at home!
i'm up on the oaks,
my place to roam.

i've a memory to match yours
to remember secret stores
to hide all my nuts
best food for my guts

i bury thousands of 'em
while you're lazing in autumn
i forget where i put half
but not the rest, so don't laugh

i'm a squirrel, if you hadn't noticed,
the one always looking so focused,
but sanguine, upbeat, that's me all over,
love to frolic through grass and clover

so next time you spy an intelligent lookin' male
with winsome grin and bushy tail
hoppin' around or walkin' a strut
it's probably me, so throw me a nut!"
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#sanguine, #winsome
David R 1d
a flame, a light
longs to ignite
secret desire
one with its sire

pushed into darkness
happy and innocent
cried in the starkness
of soul imprisonment

forever a dance
to shine and to speak
to seek its advance
or pretend to be weak

to play hide-and-seek
with the loud and crass
ignore public clique
be tread like the grass

and through it attain
the secret desire
in earthly plane
one with the Sire.
5d · 78
emotional abuse
David R 5d
what does it feel like
to be victim of abuse?
pushed 'gainst a ****
life-story to lose
not recognising self
one's own gravity

no floor 'neath one's feet
no self-identity
one's self-perception
force-fed other's narrative
rids self of connection
of anything positive,

forget meritorious,
you think no-one's worse,
trampled 'n suffocated,
stir-crazy then deflated,
lose desire to live
no goodness to give.

go tell your mother
your sister or brother
no-one believes
what you go through
everyone deceived
perhaps even you

all looks so nice
on the surface
jam-cake with ice
and lip-service

but there's little on earth
that's more bitter
than constant point of mirth
no strength to quit her

so that's the story
of emotional abuse
i'd tell you some more
but there's no real use.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#stir-crazy, #meritorious
6d · 175
David R 6d
tome of my life
with wrinkled page
torn at the sides
brown with age
thirty years
gone and flown
gone in tears
gone in moan

a tome trampled
by troubled feet
pages tangled
by hands of deceit
scrambled words
in blood-red stain
'cos no-one heard
the crying pain
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Jan 10 · 39
David R Jan 10
though saints there are and holy men too
beware of the priest that bows too low
for his overt servility makes fool of you
as he treads upon unwary foe

for in his eyes, the layman and laic
are way beneath his dignity
just placed there to create mosaic
'gainst which to display his divinity
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Jan 10 · 81
The Trojan Horse
David R Jan 10
beware the affable smile and charm
the silken manners and finesse
for oft-times snake that seeks to harm
will in finery dress
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#finesse, #affable
Jan 7 · 47
the mad politician
David R Jan 7
he took the mike and became inspired
by crowds hanging on every word
his appetite sated by being admired
wide-eyed looks of the people as a herd
hypnotised, mesmerised, drinking suggestions
statements [true or] false accepted without questions
as the voluble windbag basked in adulation
believing his own narrative, god of one nation.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Jan 6 · 176
The Hart and the Hare
David R Jan 6
eyes a-twinkle with soft tear
from the north wind's rain and spear
grazed the form of solitary deer
its branch'd antlers tree austere

then a hind of tan and grey
tiptoed forth from underlay
followed by her calves at play
'pon the shadow'd bracken'd brae.

"soft!", cried hart, "who goes there?"
and all looked still, statues in scare,
"'tis but me", said a hare,
its nose twitching in the air.
David R Jan 4
Some say jealousy is human nature,
some say it comes from ego,
others point to culture
dressed up in smart tuxedo

i say its source is ignorance
not knowing your own worth
and that makes all the difference
knowing you're precious on Earth

so its opposite is not indifference
its antithesis is not compersion
if one seeks from this vice deliverance
its antidote is introversion.

but there's no need to be a hermit
to live on a tropical island
to run from your life or to quit
just look within, find your own diamond
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Jan 3 · 42
Palindrome "Non"sense
David R Jan 3
"Madam, I'm Adam",
said he, with a bow,
"I'm Eve", said the madam
with raised eyebrow

"Red ***, sir, is ******!"
said she in the air,
'Do they get any weirder?'
thought he with a stare.

but he nodded with his head,
being genteel 'n civil,
"Don't nod!" she said
going on with her drivel.

"I did, did I?"
he asked confused,
his hair all awry
as she looked on amused.

"****** for a jar of red ***!",
she said as if spouting wisdom,
bewildered he kept himself mum
('either i'm mad or she's a bit dumb'.)

At noon she passed him half a fruit
from the tree at the centre of Eden
though tenet said no, he stayed mute
thinking half is never odd or even.

Besides, I'd better keep shtum
if i wanna stay on the level,
though the outlook is definitely glum
it's either her or the live-evil

so he partook of the proffered pome
and she said her part of sophistry
they were kicked out of garden and home
and the rest, so they say, is history
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Jan 3 · 304
David R Jan 3
time is no palindrome
it does but forward go
a ticking metronome
weight swinging to and fro

marking out a rhythm
as musician plays his tune
each note a ray from prism
that splits the boundless boon

of life that's everlasting
into a measuring spoon
creating a new casting
new life from Infinite hewn
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
note: the first letters of the poem rearrange to: "time cannot wait" [using nt twice]
David R Jan 2
does it start with autumn
the shedding of the trees
the dark 'n naked columns
bereft of nature's leaves?

is she the start of year
depressing and of drear
who robs the air of cheer
who stains the cheek with tear?

or does it start with winter
with biting freezing cold
like a naked sprinter
plunged in water's fold

is he the start of cycle
the sleep of all things vital
as men and boys go idol
in wait for life's revival?

or does it start in spring
with pink and purple blossom
the yellow daffodil
from mother earth's *****

does spring commence the year
with laughter of loud cheer
its promise ringing clear
of goodness very near?

or does the year with summer start
with boiling sun and ripening fruit
the filling of the apple-cart
the carrot and the radish-root?

tell me now, is it summer
that starts the sprint as runner
that with loud shot from gunner
blurs legs as wings of hummer?

indeed, does day with night begin
with all things dark and quiet,
clearing the air to usher in
a new day's life and riot?

or does the night end the day
as matters draw to close
the sleep of night to melt away
all stress through sweet repose?

i ask in all sincerity
don't mean to be captious
i seek wisdom and clarity
where is the point of axis?

can you point to time
in day or in year a date
that marks the start or prime?
or is beginning to rejuvenate?

is in truth the year and day
a cycle everlasting
there be no start, or end decay?
this is what i'm asking

methinks the year with spring doth start
the genesis of all things
and like the spring, the daylight marks
life's birth on ancient wings
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#captious, #rejuvenate
Jan 2 · 65
David R Jan 2
his loving warmth enveloped my hand
his strong old veins soft to the touch
now that warmth is covered by sand
ephemeral memory my childhood crutch
Dec 2021 · 126
Booster jab
David R Dec 2021
Thought I was astute
in getting me covid jab
in health institute
by mod science lab

what better place
to stand 'gainst zeitgeist
to turn me face
'gainst self-'claimed christs

who wax livid
'gainst the vaccine
in language vivid
profanities obscene

i'd display responsibility
like Kwanzaa festivity,
in joining the nation

so i rolled up me sleeve
like a silver-pipe ******
steeled self to receive
gave 'em carte blanche

closed me eyes tight
as i insinuate
"do your worst!
this ain't me first"

now me arm's aching
i feel so poor
my whole body's shaking
'n me shoulder's so sore

now I'm a-thinking
i was wise as a coot
in going unblinking
to health-institute!
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#astute, #carte blanche, #insinuate, #Kwanzaa, #livid, #zeitgeist,
Dec 2021 · 87
Before me always
David R Dec 2021
i looked to the heavens
all was dark
as i shouted Your Name
heart all aflame
in the twilight of soul
when the mists hid my goal
when the snake had bitten
arisen from hidden
soft dropped my tears
and salvaged my soul
swept away years
as i found again goal
as i grabbed that snake
by its tail as bidden
to become a staff in my hand
to walk in Your Land
with You
before me
Dec 2021 · 35
David R Dec 2021
why do people hurt others
what pleasure do they get?
why can't we all be more like brothers
not seek to harm beset?
Dec 2021 · 96
Imaginary Sensation
David R Dec 2021
cooped up 'neath the dark black sky
of a winter night
i'll allow my mind to fly
on a fantasy flight

i'll trace my fingers over blades
of grasses wet with dew
i'll gaze over vistas' glades
shades of purple-blue

i'll breathe in honey'd heather
and hear the buzz of bees
i'll thank G-d for the weather
and the fresh mountain breeze

i'll jump from autumn into spring
be struck with wonder at daffodils'
sunshine 'neath the children's swing,
purple crocuses on foothills

hush to hear the robin sing,
the blackbird and the thrush's sweet trill,
see the flash of jaybird's wing
the goldfinch and his black-tipped bill

there's no end to the memories
you can visit, you can roam,
for the mind is a house of treasuries
so don't just stay cooped-up at home

don't wait for the summertime
to feel the joy 'n thrill
of a healthy mountain climb
a walk or hike on hill

close your eyes and picture too
the jewel'd lakes and tarns of blue
fill yourself with fascination
of imaginary thoughts and their sensation
Dec 2021 · 138
Revenge Circumscribed
David R Dec 2021
forgetting to be nice
leaves bad aftertaste
like curry without spice
a character debased

'i did nothing', she shrugged
as she feigned innocence,
happy she'd bugged
'n broken his defence

'let's be real', he said
as he roared like a tiger
as her heart inside bled
with no-one beside her

when all's said and done
it's niceness that makes you
shows you've begun
to wrestle devil's due

better than five home-runs
or your favourite brew
better than the shine of ten suns
through the sparkle of dew

it's more than exterior
or false veneer
it's your soul's interior
G-d's atmosphere

so next time some toad
does something obnoxious
take the high road
definition of virtuous

you'll feel happier
elated jubilation
refraining from snappier
jeering conversation

take the zap from their insult
the sting from their jibe
as you be the adult
and revenge circumscribe

you'll feel better for it
attuned to your soul
rather than the half-wit
who's lost sight of their goal
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Dec 2021 · 88
Eternal Light
David R Dec 2021
Paucity of light
causes spirit's yearn
to exit dark of night
to feel that spirit return

and when at last he makes connection
he knows that his prostration
is one with the benign Creator,
the Worshipped with prostrator

[when at last you make connection
know that your prostration
is one with the benign Creator,
the Worshipped with prostrator]

For creation is not adventitious,
coming from another source,
Creator is not capricious,
tumultuous immortal force

when all the world exasperates,
when all around seems lost,
remember your congenial state
with the One Who dwells aloft.

for all else is shadow
of the shining light
that shines eternal glow
within eternal night.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#congenial, #exasperate, #benign, #paucity, #adventitious
Dec 2021 · 176
Raw Nature
David R Dec 2021
i heard them before i saw them
cries of geese cutting the skies
at once natural, at once inhuman,
rawness of nature without disguise
Dec 2021 · 70
Dance of the Letters
David R Dec 2021
a word danced in my mind
held out its hands, 'come dance with me',
called its friend, another word,
and then another, which made three.

Before I knew it, there they were,
ten dancing words on a page,
they formed a sentence, then a rhyme,
tapping time as on a stage

a dance, a ring,
as song they sing,
with lilt and lill
and jig 'n spring

then, of a moment, all was still,
no swirl of smiling prose or thrill,
a hush that said there'd never been
the tap of words as in a scene

as in a play of imagination
of cerebral recreation
just wet ink from my quill
like numbers on a shopping bill

from automated teller machine
standing fixed as ordered marines
letters silent as a winter night
the magic gone, taken flight,

waiting, waiting, for magic breath,
to rouse them into life from death,
when, once again, as talisman,
they'll sing music as no man can.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Dec 2021 · 131
Was, Will, Is
David R Dec 2021
From childhood i've known You
my heart conversed where none could see
gazing up to skies of blue
i thought of You Who caused all to be

everything from something came
but that something had a name
it had a start, a very beginning,
You caused that start to be,

then i was pushed into the mud,
ridiculed for all to see,
i lost You and forsook You,
in my bitterness lost at sea,

now in my noon, i look again,
and find You are the same,
You have not changed that golden chain
hidden from those that seek acclaim

You stay aloof from rationale
from claims of race or national[e]
beyond all colour and prejudice
remain forever was will is.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Dec 2021 · 582
David R Dec 2021
Winter crept in through back door
he left the door ajar
and through the door blows bitter wind
from Canada and afar

with frosted wand he touches leaves
the climbing plants and trees
and leaves them all a-drooping
bereft of nature's weaves

with cape of grey and mountain black
he tiptoes through the shadows
and in a year he'll be back
to lay waste to field and meadows
Dec 2021 · 104
Getting old
David R Dec 2021
I wondered how i'd got so old
How the time had gone
How my bones had gotten cold
Before my time had come

I wondered why my eyes they flickered
Before the written word
Why it seemed my mind was liquored
And my vision blurred

I wondered why the steps had grown
steeper in incline
why they creak'd, me joints and bones,
and moved like slow bovine

I wondered who that old man was
with grey whiskers and goatee
a venerable Santa Claus
that winked from mirror to me

then i recalled the passing years
i'd left my youth behind
in veil of laughter and of tears
and now decrepit mind

so i'll paint a smile on senility
pretend i'm glad 'n fine
i'll drink to youth's virility
and close eyes to my decline
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Dec 2021 · 41
It's Chocolate Time!
David R Dec 2021
Dipped into the piping beverage
Smooth like melted ore
Giving extra oomph 'n leverage
To inner Manticore

Rousing sleeping warrior
Ad'lescent sophomore
Breaking down the barrier
Twixt pretext and inner core

Dripping ebony brown
Waxing allegoric
Soft on tongue as down
Whispers sound euphoric

Soothing edges abrasive
From land of talisman
Transforms secular to sacred
This food of gods and man
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#abrasive, #secular, #talisman
Dec 2021 · 40
Melting plastic
David R Dec 2021
i lay on the tiles
dust around me
cried like a child
thrown in the sea
waves rise up
higher and higher
a babe's plastic cup
melting in fire
none to reach out to
i slipped and i fell
slid down the avenue
to the seven gates of hell

and here i lie
slime on the walls
there's no silent cry
nothing at all
just a ******* blackness
that won't go away
a stale flatness
that won't let me pray
i could carry on
but what'd be the use
life-spirit's gone
with no tightened noose.
Dec 2021 · 75
David R Dec 2021
i reached out and touched him
watched as he crumbled
as the grey and rusty sandstone
once steep palisade, humbled
by the winds of dark moon blown
by the crashing waves of centuries,
beleaguered, soul lay by my feet,
swamped by painful memories
as if praying for defeat
whimpering and helpless
waves of cruel deceit
had his light dimmed.

to save him i knew
i'd have to reach within
kindle anew
the flame, 'neath calloused skin
scarred and hardened
by whips and word,
by wounds unpardoned,
by cries unheard,
extinguished by the flippant
the abuse intermittent
festering and rankling
his essence strangling
but i could only loosen
the snake round his neck
he had to see the human
beneath the wreck on deck.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#palisade, #beleaguer, #flippant, #rankle
Dec 2021 · 152
Winter into Spring
David R Dec 2021
Life recedes, unbidden,
into the shadow,
depths, dark and hidden,
start of embryo

the earth is breathing
suppressed desire,
the enigma of living
the hidden fire
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Dec 2021 · 38
The Singer
David R Dec 2021
the throbbing music beat my heart
making numb my ears
the noise it shook my nerves apart
but i faced up to my fears

i'd stocked up earlier on ***** 'n drugs
got my mind sedated
protected sound with two ear-plugs
felt, well, insulated

of course i sensed the adrenalin surge
as i mounted the hall-steps
but i disregarded the muted urge
ignored the flex of biceps

hiding behind mask on face
with windows wintered over
i entered the commodious space
and felt like interloper

then i spied the smarmy singer
voice screaming out aloud
grinding hips like shameless *******
galvanizing dancing crowd

i watched the people dropping out
like flies one by one
distaste plastered on their pout
saying, clearly, "I'm done!".

I wondered why they don't the tout
ostracize or throw in foyer
why do they put up with the lout
'n worse still, give him his pay?

he's got showmanship
i'll give him that
but i'd rather skip
his constant ****.

If fomites can spread disease
through bacteria and virus
i'd say he's spreads worse dis-ease
gives headaches worse than sinus!
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#ostracize, #fomite, #commodious, #interloper, #galvanize, #smarmy
Dec 2021 · 96
Some people ...
David R Dec 2021
some people live from the bottom up,
building each layer with a measuring cup,
others swing from twig to branch
'till one false step starts an avalanche
as they tumble down with no soft landing
none to catch them as they reel without standing

and if they've thrown a rope up on high
to catch an angel or to ride the sky,
then chances are they'll be caught in its noose,
dangling down as a slaughtered goose,
whilst overhead stands a derrick-like structure
splitting its sides in laughter and rapture
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Nov 2021 · 1.6k
Menorah candle
David R Nov 2021
of light
in dusk
of night
on its
on perch
as moonlit
stub in stick,
whispering hope
prevailing in the end
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Nov 2021 · 105
Tales of Yore
David R Nov 2021
small spark of light
was sent from on high
to illumine the night
till the day you die

with smallest of voice
to show you the way
when faced with a choice
in world of decay

it can lead you and me
as maître d'
with sight that can see
through wall, brick and tree

and if all the sparks
of light would combine
to shine through the dark
of your world and mine

like a small menorah
on window-ledge
shining its aura
on life's knife-edge

all light would break through
and show what is true
dissolving the lies
that obfuscate lives

if only we'd listen
to that voice on its mission
then commensurate
with effort first-rate

the world would shine
as never before
like candles in shrine
like the tales of yore
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
# maître d', #commensurate, #menorah, #obfuscate
Nov 2021 · 103
Just One Word
David R Nov 2021
touch a person with a word
move their soul with a smile
watch their spirit soar like a bird
as a bride walking the aisle
Nov 2021 · 33
Home at last
David R Nov 2021
"Ahm gannin yem"
she whispered soft
with mouth of phlegm
from cancerous cough

no more pain
or morphine jabs
driven insane
by talk of labs

"I wanna go home
before i die"
said pain-racked homme
suppressing a sigh

no more swelling
feet like balloons
sheets all smelling
of hospital rooms

they're all home now
safe and sound
on upper brow
with roses crown'd

the swelling's gone
pain disappeared
in upper echelon
of Supernal Beard

but down below
there's aching hole
yearning throe
of deepest Seoul.

and o'er their remains
a mound of earth
pithy reminder
of this world's worth
Nov 2021 · 71
David R Nov 2021
butterfly with eyes on wings
feigns appearance of predator
fools the bird that flying sings
of crunching grubs as creditor

clown with plastered face and grin
jovial and facetious,
masks the dismal depths within
pretext of roister specious

the solidness of form material
cloaks the inner truth
the vacuous space of air ethereal
that fills the world in sooth.

authenticity is hard to come by,
that's this world's DNA,
but that don't mean we shouldn't try
to be as honest as we may.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#facetious, #jovial , #feign, #roister
Nov 2021 · 25
The Orchestra
David R Nov 2021
the trees, the grass,
the flowers, the hills,
the stars that pass
in midnight chills,
the sun, the moon
the birds of feather,
sing in tune,
sing together,
all are part
of symphony
in hallowed art
of harmony
they join as one
as one creation
proclaim there's none
but Your elation

the trees, the grass,
the flowers, the hills,
the stars that pass
in midnight chills,
the sun, the moon
the birds of feather,
G-d grant me tune
to sing together
to be a part
of symphony
in hallowed art
of harmony
to join as one
with your creation
proclaim there's none
but Your elation
Nov 2021 · 65
Sweet Pigeon
David R Nov 2021
mottled grey is its name
a duller shade there never was
never sought the world's acclaim
never heard the world's applause

yet it defies the worldly naysayers
those who laugh at heartfelt prayers
those who live in academic enclave
bound and blinded as science-slave

grace is its name
as it traverses the heavens
its leisured pace
tracing impressions

with elegance and ease
of ballet dancer
like softest breeze
gives tacit answer

to those who worship Darwinian myth
kneel before its monolith
give adulation before their god
with scarce a thought to their slipshod

methods of rebuff 'n dismissal
with carefree handwave and a whistle
of all who see G-d's Divinity
His music in world's symphony
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Nov 2021 · 78
Cogs of Progress
David R Nov 2021
hair as white as sheep's pure wool
clothes as white as snow
from Timeless Immemorial
unwinds a cord so slow

through wormhole of space continuum
negotiates diamond drop
the ***** of Divine residuum
'gainst vacuous backstop

soft with tremour and trepidation
throbs elation of creation
unto realm of craz'd inanity
draconian place of inhumanity

enters Univocal Amity
with wraps of planets seven
to give voice to human sanity
to make earth a place of heaven

time passed by as nobody watched
no-one took note of passing years
till one day 'woke a man touched
by sweet music of the spheres

gradually the cogs move faster
breaking barriers, bricks of darkness
sifting out the pure white plaster
from deep within the spiritual starkness
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#wormhole, #negotiate, #amity, #draconian, #trepidation, #univocal
Nov 2021 · 74
David R Nov 2021
why do i shake as i go amongst others
like a leaf blown by the wind
a yacht on the waves that sways and shudders
a ship, without anchor, unpinned

others smile, at ease,
and i'm like dust in a breeze
******* in a corner where no-one can see
hide me behind a bush or a tree

i love people and want to embrace
speak to others with intellectual grace
but i'm different from others and don't seem to match
so i leave down the shutters and stay in my hatch

oh, my shell wants so much to be cracked
but the chick wants to stay put
while i need an answer to help me act
it's becoming increasingly moot

So this milquetoast will end his life
with nothing to show at all
because he never learnt to play the fife
at humanity's quirks and gall.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Nov 2021 · 36
No-one knows
David R Nov 2021
no-one heard his cries' lament,
knew the secret of his torment,
in the basement, in the shadows,
lying stretched where no-one goes

no-one witnessed the silent feeling
secret something that left him reeling
left him feeling violated
without friend. isolated.

no-one knows the harm that's done
by the bullies of the world
the cycle of self-harm begun
the stories that remain untold
Nov 2021 · 183
Silent Tears
David R Nov 2021
from the domes of the Old City
from the red roofs of glinting sunshine
glinting scarlet as a ditty
penned by soul-sick to his shrine

through the doorways of the heavens
through the windows of the skies
through the firmaments of the sevens
up through seven stairs it flies

wet with years of yearning, crying,
drenched with tears of troubles, trying,
dank as dew in dawning daybreak
dripping tears from angels' wake

tears upon the shining sandstone
glistening gold in Golden City
glistening tears of sighing soul,
glistening ink on whitened scroll

wet with the laughter of hot heart,
laughter soft as feathers flying,
soft as feathers on a dart
dart to heal a heart that's dying

through the doorways of the skies
up through firmaments it flies
beating as a prayer from heart
torn asunder, torn apart
Nov 2021 · 50
Living Paradox
David R Nov 2021
push me, push me harder,
push me till i cry,
squeeze me in a corner,
crush me till i die

stamp my head with all your might,
use your claws to **** me,
use your skill at dead of night
to snare me like a bilby

and when i finally breathe my last
lying on my death-bed
you'll be there sitting fast
waiting till i'm dead

you'll have tears to show the world
show them how you cared
how at my feet you'd lie up-curled
in my pain you shared
Nov 2021 · 60
Wintry Secrets
David R Nov 2021
Coat whiter than face of moon
amber eyes of sinister tune
whistling hail and winds of ice
Lord Winter's Paradise

He shook his frosted grisly mane,
clawed the earth and roared,
eyed Queen Autumn with disdain,
barred teeth spat, 'I'm bored'.

'why must i procrastinate,
linger in this state?
days will soon be lengthening
veins of warmth strengthening.'

'there'll be life and trees of different shape,
unevenness abound,
a multi-coloured landscape
and colour on the ground.'

'cut me free and let me rule
i'll paint the vista white,
a multi-faceted diamond jewel
that'll blind you with its light.'

the Queen gave royal chortle
spun round without a qualm
'I am like you immortal
and have eternal charm'.

'i'll keep you tied till last leaf
has fluttered to the ground,
and then your reign will be but brief
for my sister must be crowned.'

'As you'll see, she'll brook no nonsense,
for Queen of Spring is she
so when you spy the purple crocus
and Lily-of-the-Valley

peeping through your nival blanket
you'll know her time has come,
she'll want to share her banquet
with warmth from golden sun.'

'she'll shoo you from her place
no sign of lenity
for though benign in name and grace
she'll show no leniency.'

'but i know i need not tell you,
you know her better than me,
for Lady Spring is your shrew,
your wife for eternity.'
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#qualm, #grisly, #procrastinate, #lenient
Nov 2021 · 360
David R Nov 2021
lemon and lime fill the air
bedeck the boughs with sunshine glare
deck the earth with golden stair
before Lord Winter lays all bare
Nov 2021 · 81
The Passel of Edification
David R Nov 2021
a passel of lies
edifies the smogs
as pie in the skies
clogs up the cogs

of life

as mogul eyes
gilt catalogue
thin disguise
to noxious bog

of life

smothers the cries
of pauper who slogs
poor man who dies
just another log

of life
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#passel, #edify
Nov 2021 · 135
The Tree
David R Nov 2021
Clung steadfast to rocky crag
zaftig roots spread deep and wide
waxing eloquent in perpetuity
as if to say, i've nothing to hide

for million years i've been in this show
embellished land and air
i've seen the dinosaur come and go,
and Arctodus Simus bear.

i laugh at your nomenclature
feeble attempt to classify nature
as if me your academic stature
could reduce to whim o' legislature

at your cabal of odious greed
that seeks to truncate my life
destroying all my breed and seed
with fire, saw and knife

it's you you're sawing
you're your own arch-foe
as ice-cap thawing
you'll come and go

and i'll be here to wave adieu
as i stand firm on my rock
and you as flakes of gossamer snow
melt into flow of earth's time-clock
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#steadfast, #truncate, #arch, #eloquent, #nomenclature, #zaftig, #perpetuity, #gossamer, #embellish, #cabal, #odious
Nov 2021 · 143
Cankerous rot
David R Nov 2021
mirage of bogus camaraderie
the chuckle of doppelgänger without a brain
as putrid pond in rancid rockery
shimmering shallow and inane

ad-lib cracks of demagogue
as soporific croaks of puffed-up frog
cheered on by gnomes struck deaf 'n dumb
stuck to rock with chewing-gum

seeking to propitiate hectoring masses
with bevy o' platitudes like banal molasses
dripping treacle-like, with facile devotion
as petroleum leaks on rotting ocean
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
#bevy, #demagogue, #soporific, #propitiate, #camaraderie, #ad-lib, #inane, #doppelgänger, #treacle, #facile, #hector, #mirage, #bogus, #devotion
Nov 2021 · 78
Demise of Humanity
David R Nov 2021
words drip with oil
ooze fat, as spirit dies.
the flow of light
like earthy chunk
smashed out of skies,
wet and weary,
plunges into the sea
in blood of gargoyle
smatter'd 'n spat
o'er crimson splattered highs.

still, the dead fight
o'er empty trunks of empty thighs,
once a huckster's prize
****** at humanity
now tired 'n bleary
floats as spoil,
a corpse, blinkered by lies,
eyes blind, no longer leer
but stare in insanity,
at demise of humanity.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
Nov 2021 · 49
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