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May 12
i write with faltering pen, no wisdom,
dip my nib in tears and blood
write in anguish and despair
as floundering ship not knowing where

it's headed in waters turbulent 'n rough
frothing, a storm unseen foretold
gnashing teeth of sharks rebuff
surrounding, grinning, as friends of old

blinded youth with no insight
stumble aimless in the dark
mistaking mirage for real light
shark's teeth for lighthouse spark

the ship has lost its rudder
there's no wheel at the helm
at the slightest shudder
the sea'll overwhelm

the sailors with the people
who've forgotten how to swim
paid no thought to the ripple
now the outlook's grim

i'm not so concerned of their survival,
they'll weather out this storm,
it's just that soon may come a tidal
wave, bubble bursting, losing form

in a moment, all is lost,
with no vision, ship is tossed
as a match, save Grace's Hand
lead them back to soul and land.
Written by
David R  UK
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